Yesterday, a member wrote me saying, "I have toured facilities all the way back to the raw materials that come out of Earth to understand the entire supply chain - Cotton fields in India, Cotton gins in Pakistan, Poly and Nylon extrusion and chip plants in Vietnam, Spinners in a dozen countries, Dye Houses, Knitters and Weavers in dozens more countries. I have eaten lunch in the employee canteen in all of them - 8 years on the road working in global raw materials sourcing at retail."

I found that to be REALLY good writing. So, now it is your turn to write us. We’re launching a brand new cloud-based database-driven website and one feature on the home page will be called OF NOTE……  It is reserved for whatever YOU want to say about your niche in the chain, your profession, career, experience, insights or views.
We’ll even add some of our broadcasts and YES I know - some of them you like and others of them you ask me to please deposit in my gusseted crotch pocket. It’s what happens when you write and put something ‘out there’.
Take a chance. Write something that raises our collective Apparel IQ. We’ll post it on…….OF NOTE.