Industry Leadership: The Americas Apparel Producers' Network (AAPN) has been matching production to sourcing since 1981. Today it is the only end-to-end textile/apparel supply chain organization in the industry.

AAPN Women

  • Members from each of the 30 links of the supply chain
  • Completely overlays the textile/apparel industry of the Western Hemisphere
  • 3:1 Ratio Producers:Service Members
  • AAPN(Women), a pioneering industry focus group
  • NOT a lobby, AAPN takes no stands on legislation



Industry Networking: Marketing is a contact sport and AAPN is where the industry meets. Exactly what you are making to sell is precisely what someone is looking to buy. AAPN offers privileged access to industry events and conferences including: 

  • AAPN Annual Conference every May in Miami
  • AAPN Invitation-only Leadership Forums
  • AAPN Regional Conferences - Dallas; LA; Seattle; Portland, New York; Charlotte; Mexico City - Created by Tony Anzovino, Haggar Apparel
  • AAPN Carolina Mill Tour (24 people, Brands/Retailers only) - created by Ron Roach, Contempora Fabrics
  • AAPN Summit conferences like the Apparel Summit of the Americas, Honduras, Nov 2018 - created by Chuy Canahuati, Elcatex
  • AAPN members at virtually every trade show

Report Card

 Industry of the Americas: AAPN opened its membership to the Americas in 2001. That first year, 70 of the leading producers in the region joined. As a result, their suppliers AND their customers did also, creating our supply chain networ

  • US, Canada, Mexico, DR, Haiti, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Peru - 12 nations - PLUS Sri Lanka!
  • AAPN is the de facto industrial organization of this hemisphere
  • AAPN's position: promoting the region as better, faster, easier, safer and cheaper
  • Update on trade with our Connect the Dots trade data
  • AAPN ASIA/AMERICAS REPORT CARD every four years comparing the two regions against 31 criteria.




Industry Sustainability: AAPN hosted a landmark Sustainability Conference in 2010 and has built on it ever since. The driving forces are these testimonials from that first conference:

“Sustainability is not a tomorrow problem.”
• “Sustainability can not be defined, really, it is just doing the right thing.”
• "There were no spectators, only players."Sustainability
• “This is a top down initiative but a bottom up action plan."

• “If you do not write about your company, someone else will.”
• “This is not an initiative, it’s a movement.”


Leadership Award


Individual Empowerment: We may be an apparel network, but we're in the people business. The AAPN members take care of one another, have built trust, share insights and work as a team. In effect, AAPN is the Who's Who of the industry where all members are eligible for the AAPN Industry Leadership Award:

  • Profile Picture, name, title, company, phone, email
  • Vote, hold office, create events, host visits
  • Career development of young professionals
  • Opportunities to mentor others
  • Online registration for AAPN events
  • Members-only private online searchable database of all members

AudienceIndustry Purpose: Some members want to give back to the industry, others want to sell something, still others want to be open to new careers but ALL members want to learn something they can use. Tony Anzovino of Haggar Apparel labeled this "raising our Apparel IQ":

  • Topical, issue-driven packed agenda of speakers and panels at events
  • Atmosphere that emphasizes innovation and teamwork
  • Facilitate others to solve problems
  • Make a difference
  • Give back to the industry
  • Mentor the next generation

Powered byIndustry Communities/Discussions: When the Coronavirus Crisis hit, AAPN's Sue Strickland opened the AAPN SOURCING CENTER. Within 6 weeks it had over 20,000 views. Tens of thousands of masks and gowns were produced between our 200 members and 600 new ones who joined us online.

  • Post topics to the community forum to discuss with your peers
  • Browse previous discussions to catch up on recent happenings.
  • Ask your peers questions that are most important you.
  • Subscribe to topics of choice to receive updates by email.
  • Add topics that interest you the most to your Favorites for easy access later

JournalismIndustry Journalism: Every morning, we read several dozen journals looking for articles that will inform our members. We send up to a dozen broadcasts a day. Many members regard this as our most valuable benefit.

  • Up to a dozen executive email broadcasts a day
  • Member news
  • How-to/best practices articles
  • Archives of thousands of articles and notes
  • Our articles published in TextileWorld, Apparel magazine, eTextileCommunications, California Apparel News, Sourcing Journal, RISNews, Forbes

EinsteinIndustry Technology: AAPN created the first 300 element member database in the industry; first online; first industry website; first industry email sourcing broadcasts; first smartphone app and this will continue:

  • Memberclicks, powerful network administration
  • Database of all members, 300 elements of data cover every possible industry element
  • Members-only access to online sourcing and research
  • Smartphone app to register for meetings, see who is there, contact them and meet one-on-one


AAPN Connects World-Class Members From Every Dot Shown!

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