Lectra’s Fashion 4.0 event looks ahead to tomorrow’s digital future

Lactra Fashion EventAs fashion companies grapple with shifts in global economics and consumer behavior, Lectra offers digital solutions that keep the value chain agile

Paris, June 27, 2017 – Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, gathered more than 100 industry professionals from around the world at its state-of-the-art technology center in Bordeaux-Cestas, France, to look at how Industry 4.0 is shaping and transforming the global fashion and apparel business.

The conference brought together brands and manufacturers to discuss the major challenges fashion businesses are facing in today’s digital marketplace, and identify practical steps companies can take to digitalize their value chain. During two days of in-depth presentations and workshops, Pr Céline Abecassis-Moedas and Pr Valérie Moatti, ESCP Europe shed light on innovative new retail models; Liz Doupnik, associate editor, Women’s Wear Daily, shattered myths and set straight misconceptions about the millennial generation; and Fred Lemoine, Vice President, Weave Services, delved into the advantages of a digitalized supply chain. Among the attendees were some of today’s most prominent fashion brands, such as H&M and Shanghai-based Dayang Group, one of the world’s largest suit manufacturers.

Lectra took advantage of the occasion to announce the launch of Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0, proof of its commitment to empowering its customers with the best technology possible as they take their first steps towards Industry 4.0. With the widest functional scope on the market, the modular PLM solution acts as a connected, intelligent nerve center for today’s digital supply chain, from planning through design to production, ensuring a consistent flow of error-free data between processes, technologies and people, and providing companies with the agility to adapt to different business models and jump on trends quickly.

In keeping with this theme, Lectra customers were on hand to share their own experiences with digital transformation. Manuel Castaldo, business analysis and sourcing operations manager for leading Italian fast-fashion retailer OVS, underlined the importance of identifying key collaborators to facilitate the transition to digital: “When you decide to make digital changes in your company, you are not only selecting the right tool, you are selecting the right partner to help you make those changes in your daily – and future – work.” Thanks to Lectra’s PLM solution, Manuel Castaldo explained, OVS has improved the quality of information shared throughout their process, positively impacting product development and quality.

Fred Walck, director, project management for Mexico-based clothing supplier Grupo Kaltex, also outlined their reasons for choosing Lectra: “In the spirit of Industry 4.0, what interests us as a vertical manufacturer is connecting our physical supply chain with our virtual supply chain–our software, ERP, and WRMS. For us, Lectra offers the most comprehensive solution: an end-to-end system designed specifically for fashion and apparel.”

During the event’s keynote speech, Edouard Macquin, Chief Sales Officer, Lectra, explored mega trends that are turning the fashion industry on its head, and demonstrated how Lectra’s vision–and fashion-specific digital solutions–are helping fashion companies adapt to this ‘fourth industrial revolution’.

“Industry 4.0 is not only revolutionizing how manufacturers operate, but also how brands and retailers need to function. Lectra’s goal is to provide its customers with the technology and support they need to thrive and succeed in this new digital marketplace,” concluded Edouard Macquin.

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NYC Alliance Holdings Selects CGS BlueCherry® PLM to Provide Full Visibility into Product Development

New York, NY – June 15, 2017 – CGS, a global provider of business applications, enterprise learning and outsourcing services, today announced that NYC Alliance Holdings, Inc., a multi-platform apparel company, selected BlueCherry® Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), an essential module within the BlueCherry Enterprise Suite of solutions, providing end-to-end capabilities for apparel and consumer lifestyle brands.

NYC Alliance Holdings sought to advance its visibility into product development data and remove manual processes to improve workflow speed and gain insight into product design adoption. The company also wanted a solution that provided triggers and alerts that would enable the team to address production issues. With the CGS team's extensive expertise and resources in the consumer lifestyle products market, the implementation of BlueCherry PLM will help support NYC Alliance Holdings’ growth, bring end-to-end visibility to its product lifecycle and improve its timeline to bring goods to market.

“Having been a BlueCherry ERP customer for five years now, we wanted to add a solution to improve our product lifecycle visibility and remove manual processes,” said Kevin Lowney, supply chain and logistics manager, NYC Alliance Holdings. “We felt that CGS’s BlueCherry PLM would be the perfect fit to enable full integration across our other BlueCherry implementations. We’re excited that BlueCherry PLM will offer better visibility into product development, improving our processes, eliminating silos and enabling us to bring goods to market faster.”

“With over 30 years of experience in the fashion, footwear and consumer product market, CGS understands the value of having the right solutions in place to efficiently and effectively run business operations,” said Paul Magel, president, Business Applications and Technology Outsourcing division, CGS. “NYC Alliance Holdings has been a valued customer for several years. We’re excited that they chose to continue to implement BlueCherry solutions to support their growing operations.”

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DeSales Trading Company Enter Partnership In Distribution Rubber Thread – USA

BURLINGTON, N.C. — June 12, 2017— Rubberflex Sdn. Bhd. of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and DeSales Trading Co. of Burlington, N.S., have begun a partnership for the distribution of 100-percent latex rubber thread in the United States.

“DeSales offers excellent channel for our products to reach the elastic narrow fabric, braided rope and related market segments in the Eastern half of the United States,” said Amy Wong, international sales coordinator at Rubberflex. “Even some of our container load customers use DeSales as a back-up to maintain a consistent inventory.” DeSales carries a wide range of gauges & end counts.

Specialty gauges & end counts will be stocked on request. Customers can source from DeSales in pallet load quantities therefore offering the convenience of prompt deliveries in less than container load orders. Rubberflex first organized in 1986 is currently the world’s largest producer of 100-percent natural latex rubber thread. DeSales Trading, since 1969, has been a distributor of stock-lot yarns and over time has added first quality yarns to their product mix. Michael Murray, vice president at DeSales, said: “The addition of 100-percent Latex Rubber Thread from Rubberflex is a natural progression in our line of products we offer to market segments we already service. The product mix Rubberflex offers: 20 gauge to 110 gauge rubber, silicone & talcum finishes in black & white presents an opportunity for our customers to source their yarns and rubber thread needs from one central location in the heart of the textile business in the United States — Burlington, N.C.”

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The new Lectra Fashion PLM gears fashion companies up for the fourth industrial revolution

Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0Paris, June 7, 2017 – Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using soft materials—fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials—is pleased to announce the launch of Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0, the first-ever product lifecycle management solution designed to help fashion and apparel companies navigate the fourth industrial revolution and thrive in the digital era of fashion.
With digitalization transforming the way consumers shop, today’s fashion companies are playing a never-ending game of catch-up, as they compete for the attention of a generation of connected, fickle-minded millennials who want it all: personalization, sustainability, quality and speed, accessible at all times, across multiple channels, and at the lowest price. Industry 4.0 is not only revolutionizing how manufacturers operate, but also how brands and retailers need to function, if they want to be fast and agile enough to meet the needs of this demanding new consumer. The stakes are high and how effectively companies harness technology to put the consumer at the heart of their process will be the deciding factor in who comes out ahead and who gets left behind.
Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0 has undergone a drastic reboot to give fashion and apparel companies the speed and agility they need to tackle the challenges of Industry 4.0 head on. Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0, with the widest functional scope on the market, acts as an intelligent nerve center to the digital supply chain, from planning through design to production. This ensures a consistent flow of error-free data between processes, technologies and people. The system connects CAD, industry-standard software such as Adobe Illustrator, company IT systems (such as ERP) and external suppliers, so that actors across the supply chain can work on, save and share information on the platform, ensuring data integrity.
The solution also draws on best practices, fashion-business intelligence and real-world scenarios to automate administrative and repetitive tasks, with templates, standard libraries and shortcuts that allows more time for value-added activities. The final result is a fast, connected digital supply chain that helps fashion companies jump on trends quickly and deliver products that fulfill their customer’s expectations.
This new incarnation of Lectra Fashion PLM is designed to work out of the box and can be scaled to accommodate the different needs of small to large businesses, brands, retailers and manufacturers. Companies can start small by implementing the standard offer, then add on as they go, choosing from up to ten different modules, such as design integration, product details, sourcing, sampling and costing.
The solution is available on a monthly subscription or perpetual license basis. Special attention has been paid to make this new product user-friendly, with learning tools that enable fast onboarding. The new Lectra Easy Tool allows IT teams to configure the platform to suit the needs of its users and the new mobile app, Lectra Collection Advanced, provides more ways to share information. The fuss-free implementation process means companies can get the platform up and running quickly with little disruption to business, and quickly start seeing a return on their investment.
The only fashion-dedicated PLM solution on the market that covers the entire value chain, Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0 is Lectra’s first software product release since it announced its 4.0 strategy, which aims to help fashion companies succeed in this brave new digital world. The culmination of Lectra’s 40-plus years of experience in the fashion industry, the platform gives companies a competitive edge by giving them a smart, user-friendly solution that allows them to remain agile and connected, facilitating their transition towards Industry 4.0.
“As our customers take their first steps toward the world of Industry 4.0, we want to be right there beside them to help them succeed. Just like today’s fashion companies, we are evolving to make our offer more customer-centric than ever before. We are extremely proud of this powerful new PLM platform, and are convinced that it will help our customers flourish in this digital age of fashion,” says Céline Choussy Bedouet, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Lectra.

George C. Moore Celebrates 108 Year Anniversary

A&E's 2016-2017 Sustainability Report Demonstrates Industry Transparency, Traceability and Trust

American & Efird SustainabilityMOUNT HOLLY, NC (June 1, 2017) - American & Efird (A&E), one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of industrial and consumer sewing thread, embroidery thread, and technical textiles, announced today it is releasing its 2016-2017 Corporate Sustainability Report. This year's report reflects the three concepts that drive A&E's industry-leading sustainability program: Transparency, Traceability and Trust, while highlighting A&E's accomplishments in the areas of safety, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

A&E's continued improvements, specifically in global water reduction and Zero-Waste-to-Landfill efforts, serve as an example of leadership and good stewardship throughout the textile industry.

"A core part of our business strategy is to operate all of our global facilities in a sustainable manner," said Les Miller, CEO, A&E. "It is not only a good business practice to do so, but it is the right thing to do for all of our stakeholders."

A&E continues to abide by its pledge to create a better world through responsible corporate actions, environmentally protective efforts, and numerous contributions to the communities in which it operates.

Since 2011, A&E has invested over $10 Million USD into state-of-the-art wastewater recycling systems across the world, and these investments have paid off through significant reductions in water use. A&E continues to focus on energy conservation and has increased its use of biofuels and clean fuels, resulting in reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, A&E has grown its number of global operations and support facilities to 16 in achieving Zero-Waste-to- Landfill status.

A&E regularly evaluates all of the global yarn spinning, dyeing and finishing facilities in which the company has ownership to provide the information contained in its annual sustainability report. Categories measured in this report include: Water Stewardship, Solid Waste, Carbon Footprint and Energy Conservation, Product Stewardship, Social Responsibility, Employee Health and Safety, Sustainable Products, and Areas of Improvement.

This year's notable Sustainability Highlights include:

Water Conservation

  • Over 1.1 billion liters of wastewater has been recycled and reused since 2013
  • Nearly 1 million liters of wastewater are recycled and reused each day of operation
  • 41% reduction in global water consumption (liters per kg of thread) since 2006

Solid Waste

  • Zero-Waste-to-Landfill status has grown to 16 global manufacturing operations and support facilities in 2017, with 5 other operations over the 91 percentile mark. A&E's global goal is to achieve this sustainability designation in every manufacturing operation worldwide.

Carbon Footprint and Energy Conservation*

  • 6% reduction of global carbon footprint (CO2e in kg per kg of thread) since 2006
  • 44% of the fuels used to create steam at A&E dyeing operations were renewable and carbon neutral in 2016
  • 10% reduction in global power consumption (kwh per kg of thread) since 2006

In 2016, A&E developed and implemented its Product RSL Environmental Profile (PREP) form in order to collect Restricted Substance List and environmental data on all dyes and chemicals used by our operations. A&E is on track to comply with the chemical restrictions contained in the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Compounds (ZDHC) program by the end of 2018.

For a free copy of the full 2016-2017 Sustainability Report, please visit www.amefird.com/sustainability.

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Tukatech poised to simplify fashion design and development with solutions starting at $29.00 per month

FRANKFURT, GERMANY May 9, 2017 – At Texprocess, Tukatech, Inc. is launching a suite of applications that will change the design community. The patent-pending applications and processes will eliminate sketching, and thus design misinterpretations. By working with existing 3D garments, real scale prints, Pantone-based true colors and pattern repeats, the entire supply chain will be able to collaborate and communicate design ideas at fraction of time and cost. Tukatech’s suite of Cloud-based product development solutions gives key players in the design process special digital tools designed with their unique requirements in mind:

TUKA3D Designer Edition

Finally, the design and development circle is completed with TUKA3D Designer Edition (patent pending), an up-and-coming visualization application that gives designers the independence to show their concepts virtually, without the need to ever touch a pattern. Sketchbook good-bye!
Build – This isn’t virtual pattern draping. This is virtual garment building. In TUKA3D Designer Edition you can build new styles from virtual assets. Think this sleeve would look better on that dress? Mix and match pieces with ease, no pattern-making required!
Look – Forget the surprise of seeing that your print design is the wrong scale after you’ve already got the fabric printed. Assess print repeats and placements in true scale on a real garment body. Play with color to your heart’s content!
Present – Showcase the final concept with images that portray your design more clearly and realistically than flat sketching ever could. Present these visuals in a design meeting, use them in a tech pack, or send them directly to a vendor as a reference.

Used in conjunction with your favorite graphic design software, TUKAstudio is a suite of applications for print development. Create and preview dozens of repeat pattern options, colorway variations, and even separate colors for print screens with ease. Enhance digital fabric development with fabric texturing modules.
Weaves – Create yarn-dye weave patterns and render for true fabric texturing. Preview on a flat, or on a virtual garment for the full effect.
Knits – See your print come to life on knit fabric, whether for chunky sweaters or baby-tees.

Adobe Illustrator Plug-In
On demand manufacturing requires agility. Digital printing gives more flexibility to manufacturers, and more options to designers, because they are no longer held back from exploring more complicated or engineered print placements due to the cost factor.
In Adobe Illustrator, designers can fill actual graded patterns with the exact print placement they wish. Tukatech’s Adobe Illustrator plug-in sends those graded patterns to TUKAmark, where a high-powered marker-making engine configures the pattern pieces into the most efficient layout. A digital printer prints only the area which is filled with color, in the shape of the pattern pieces themselves, saving cost on inventory and fabric utilization.

You don’t stop moving, and neither should your design process! TUKAcloud is a web-based digital sample room that lets designers and merchandisers collaborate more efficiently with vendors and manufacturers. This application houses data exported from TUKA3D and other systems to contain all information for a developed style on a common, user-friendly platform. A built-in communication platform eliminates the need for endless email threads. This is PLM without the intimidation.
Create virtual samples in TUKA3D and upload all digital files to a web-based digital sample-room
Connect and share data confidently knowing that your intellectual property is protected.
Collaborate from anywhere in the world, with flexible internal and external team building.

Become a part of a vibrant community of designers and creatives. Use TUKAbank to find PDF patterns or 3D virtual style files. Download for your own use, or upload your own contributions, and even get rewarded when others use them! Use 3D virtual styles to build new garments, or to visualize colors and prints in TUKA3D Designer Edition.
Looking for digital solutions for pattern-makers and sample-makers? Check out TUKAcad for pattern-making, grading, and marker-making, and TUKA3D for virtual sample-making.

Find out more about Tukatech’s broad range of virtual product development technologies, including the new TUKA3D Designer Edition by emailing tukateam@tukatech.com

About Tukatech: Tukatech is the garment and apparel industry's leading provider of fashion technology solutions. Founded in 1995 by garment industry veteran Ram Sareen, Tukatech provides designers, manufacturers and distributors the tools to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and expand profits. Tukatech provides 2D/3D apparel software for pattern making and virtual sample-making, cloud applications for global communication, and manufacturing equipment for production. Systems include unlimited training, consulting, process engineering, and implementation. Tukatech’s technology is at the forefront of the industry and designed for garment makers of all sizes and skill levels. Tukatech has developed a large and loyal international customer base, which has used their user-friendly products to grow and improve their garment and apparel lines. Tukatech is committed to investing in their customers and developing strong bonds with garment makers, large and small, worldwide.

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Hansae International S.A. & Hansae Haiti S.A. Select CGS BlueCherry® Shop Floor Control to Optimize Production

New York, NY –  May 8, 2017 – CGS, a global provider of business applications, enterprise learning and outsourcing services, today announced that Hansae International S.A. and Hansae Haiti S.A. selected BlueCherry® Shop Floor Control (SFC), an essential module for manufacturing operations within the BlueCherry Enterprise Suite of solutions.

Hansae sought to improve productivity, quality and labor related compliance of its manufacturing operations in Nicaragua and Haiti, and turned to BlueCherry SFC to implement systems in both countries to provide workers with productivity and performance benchmarking, driving incentive-based earnings. With extensive expertise and resources in the consumer lifestyle products market, the CGS team’s experience in optimizing production on the factory floor along with BlueCherry SFC will help support Hansae’s growth, and improve its factory operations and productivity.

“With factories around the world, we needed a way to truly optimize production,” said Francisco Diaz, QA Manager at Hansae. “BlueCherry Shop Floor Control enabled us to have the real-time visibility needed to improve production by motivating our employees, from which we’ve seen immediate results.”

“With over 30 years of experience in the apparel, footwear and consumer product market, CGS understands the value of having the right solutions in place to efficiently and effectively run business operations,” said Paul Magel, president, Business Applications and Technology Outsourcing division, CGS. “We are thrilled to welcome Hansae to our thriving BlueCherry community, and look forward to building a strong relationship with the team.”

CGS’s BlueCherry® Shop Floor Control provides powerful tools that automate the collection and reporting of production, enabling real-time shop floor visibility and control, improving factory operations and productivity while reducing costs. Since its first real-time installation in 1984, over 200,000 terminals of BlueCherry SFC (formerly Leadtec) have been installed, enabling apparel companies to achieve a return on investment (ROI) in just 6-12 months.

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Escalade Sports Implements NGC’s Andromeda Product Testing and Compliance Software

NGC logoMIAMI—May 8, 2017—NGC® Software, a leading provider of fashion PLM, supply chain management and apparel ERP solutions, today announced that Escalade Sports, a large sporting goods manufacturer with leading brands across multiple categories, has implemented NGC’s Andromeda® Product Testing and Compliance Software to streamline compliance with CPSIA, Proposition 65, Conflict Minerals Reporting and other regulations.

Escalade Sports is a global manufacturer and distributor of sports and outdoor recreational equipment with distribution at sporting goods retailers and independent dealers nationwide as well as all major online retailers. Leaders in their respective categories, Escalade Sports has 46 brands across multiple product lines and has achieved demonstrable growth in online sales over the last several years. To support the company’s rapid growth, Escalade needed a way to simplify and manage the complex regulatory compliance processes.

Prior to implementing NGC’s Andromeda Product Testing and Compliance Software, Escalade Sports relied on spreadsheets to manage testing for more than 5,000 SKUs.

“Prior to NGC Andromeda, we cobbled together very primitive systems to manage this, and it was getting overwhelming,” said Mike Guerzini, director of product development and engineering, Escalade Sports.

Guerzini notes that the amount of time required to adhere to compliance requirements has grown significantly and now requires advanced technology such as NGC Andromeda to streamline compliance reporting and improve visibility. Escalade Sports sought a solution to manage the end-to-end testing process including alerts on when products need to be tested or retested, and tracking the standards and protocols for each of Escalade more than 5,000 products.

“With all the different types of products and tests, the lines were getting blurred,” said Guerzini.

His search led him to NGC. Guerzini found that NGC’s software was much more flexible than other compliance solutions, while giving Escalade Sports the unique ability to manage CPSIA, as well as Prop 65, Conflict Minerals Reporting and other regulations.

Using NGC’s Product Testing and Compliance, Escalade Sports has seen benefits including:

  • Time savings, improved accuracy. Information from NGC’s Andromeda platform can easily be shared with Escalade’s product content software, Salsify, resulting in significant time savings and improved accuracy.
  • Instant compliance updates. Prior to implementing the NGC Andromeda platform, test results were manually entered into spreadsheets, creating delays. Now the results are entered into the software at the factory or testing lab and immediately available to Escalade Sports and its customers – enabling Escalade to improve customer service and responsiveness.
  • Proactive management of compliance testing. The NGC Andromeda calendars and alerts give Escalade Sports proactive alerts several months before test results are due. Previously, it was easy to overlook a product with Escalade’s manual systems but now they’re able to get ahead of testing instead of chasing the testing.

“Millions of families around the world use Escalade’s products every day, so product safety and compliance are vitally important,” said Mark Burstein, president of sales and development and Chief Strategy Officer, NGC Software. “We’re thrilled NGC is giving Escalade Sports an edge in product testing and compliance, and we look forward to continuing to work with them.”

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Brandix Rolls Out TUKA Systems for All Divisions Worldwide

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA – Brandix, one of the largest apparel exporters in Sri Lanka, has invested millions of dollars toward technology to become the leader in fast fashion. Most recently, they have implemented Tukatech’s innovative apparel technology solutions in factories for all divisions around the world. Various divisions within Brandix have partnered with Tukatech since 2012, but this is the first time the group has decided to implement any one technology system for the entire company.

According to Dave Ranasinghe, Director of Brandix Group, the company chose to replace all CAD systems with Tukatech “because of the measurable results. We tested every CAD system available, and Tukatech’s SMARTmark system gave us better fabric savings than any known software, enough to justify the entire purchase. The TUKAplan systems, which were customized for us, seamlessly integrate with our other ERP systems and help us to plan our cutting operations, which gives us even greater savings in raw materials, time and personnel. I am also very impressed with TUKAteam’s professional implementation. They helped us engineer all our processes from design and development to spreading and cutting. We really didn’t just buy the software, we partnered with industry experts who are helping us get better results.”

Feroz Omar, Director of Brandix Group adds “The Tukatech systems helped us in the enhancement of speed and accuracy of first patterns; by organizing the database and blocks, we are able to use good data to make better fitting garments at the first attempt. Another great innovation for us was the ability to handle 3D sample-making. It helped reduce time and cost in our sample development process by systematically taking off the sample development calendar. Instead of the standard process of cutting, sewing and evaluating on dummies, we’ve reduced a few iterations by testing with 3D virtual sewing and making only the best-fitted sample. Such savings are very important in the reduction of development costs, especially where the cost of development is amortized over small quantities. TUKA3D and TUKAcloud help organize the data, collaborate internal teams and eventually all the buyers, thereby reducing the time, cost and workforce on both sides of the value chain.”

“I have worked with many great companies but I can honestly say that Brandix is unique in their proactive pursuit of excellence. They are not afraid to disrupt their processes even when it looks like everything is running fine. They constantly re-train their personnel, implement technologies that improve efficiencies, and prepare for a sustainably long-term business. You can see this philosophy at every level of management. As a fellow ‘disrupter,’ I am excited to help one of our largest partners in technology to lead the way in the fast fashion market,” comments Ram Sareen, Founder of Tukatech.

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NGC Software’s Cloud-Based Andromeda Vendor Compliance Solution Enables Retailers and Brands to Better Manage Vendors and Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

NGC logoMIAMI—April 26, 2017—NGC Software, a leading provider of cloud-based PLM, Supply Chain Management and apparel ERP solutions, today announced the release and general availability of its Andromeda® Vendor Compliance cloud solution for fashion retailers and brand owners. With the use of Andromeda Vendor Compliance, retailers and brand owners can ensure Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) compliance by streamlining vendor management.

In today’s socially-connected world, it’s more important than ever for retailers and brands to protect their reputation by carefully monitoring vendor relationships to ensure CSR compliance. Andromeda Vendor Compliance helps manage important government-mandated compliance regulations through standardized forms and scheduling, including but not limited to Conflict Minerals, REACH, and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) for compliance under European Union regulations.

Vendor Compliance enables retailers and brands to establish and maintain four key areas of CSR – transparency, accountability, responsible sourcing and worker non-retaliation – by:

  • Establishing and maintaining Standards of Vendor Engagement guidelines
  • Onboarding vendors with the proper procedures to provide full transparency
  • Communicating with all third-party vendors and suppliers of goods and services
  • Storing and managing all signed compliance documents
  • Analyzing vendor performance in a myriad of categories
  • Generating scorecards based upon performance over time
  • Creating and managing Corrective Action Plans

“With today’s highly-engaged consumers, Corporate Social Responsibility is critical to maintaining a company’s reputation,” said Mark Burstein, president of sales and development, NGC Software. “A single incident involving a vendor can cause irreversible damage to brands and retailers. With comprehensive vendor policies and procedures in place, NGC’s Andromeda Vendor Compliance solution can help retailers and brands manage the complexities of CSR.“


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Cupid Intimates, a 75-year-old American Legend, Chooses Tukatech for Technology Enhancement

TukatechNew York, NY, USA : With over 75 years in the intimate apparel industry, Cupid Intimates understands the importance of being flexible to the ever-changing industry conditions, while staying true to its roots and going the extra mile for their employees as well as for the world.  Unusual in the apparel industry, Cupid designs and manufactures all its women’s shape-wear and panties itself; it doesn’t use contractors.  This gives management a freer hand to use efficient production techniques to pursue its cost-competitive position. 

“We have been using specialized cutting and CAD technologies for over 20 years. Our four custom built cutters, capable of cutting 126 inches wide, were aging and we needed to further improve for even wider fabrics to get the best possible utilization of materials. We knew Tukatech offers customized solutions for CAD CAM. With our showrooms in New York, design and engineering in Bethlehem, PA, planning and execution in Oklahoma, and cutting and sewing in Nicaragua and Mexico, we needed to streamline our processes,” said Ken Langston, Senior Vice President of Operations. 

TUKAcad, TUKAcutplan and SMARTmark “enabled us to streamline our design process in a way that made significant improvement in our lead-time.  Improvements were seen in the costing process, storage system, grading, and first pattern accuracy.

“We have been able to realize 1.5% material yield savings since our installation of Tukatech software.  I expect to be able to realize more material savings with our newly installed 132-inch-wide cutters and spreaders.” added Ken Langston.

Cupid places technological innovation at the heart of its product development and production-process considerations.  “As we entered the new millennium, we understood we could no longer see Cupid as simply a needle-and-thread sewer,” says Tony Angelino, Chief Operations Officer.

Being proactive and adaptable to the changes seen in the apparel industry over the course of its life, has allowed the company to continue growing.  The company takes a multi-faceted approach to product merchandising and distribution.  It sells garments under its own brands, like Cupid®, Naomi & Nicole®, and TC®; brands it licenses from others, like Miraclesuit®; exclusive brands, like Inside Magic®; and private-label brands of specific retail accounts.  And Cupid competes in most American retail channels, from premium chains and department stores, to mass-merchandisers and pure .coms.

Cupid also offers a great working environment for its employees.  Both of its factories contain medical clinics to serve their employees.  Full-time nurses staff them, and doctors have office hours at various times during the week.  Its Nicaraguan factory operates a store within the building that sells common household and grocery items.  By purchasing items in bulk and re-selling them to employees at cost, the company’s able to pass on the discounts it receives.  Employees can pay for these items, interest-free and over time, via payroll deductions.

“I have yet to meet a team so coordinated and continuously thriving for perfection, from top to bottom. Everyone is connected and working towards the same goals. A rare thing to see that has been sustained for over 7 decades. We have implemented technological solutions at hundreds of companies worldwide, but I have never experienced the kind of willingness to change and quest for improvements at every level. Most people hate change, especially if they have been using certain systems and processes for 20 to 30 years, but with the help of all users in five locations, this installation was one of our best and fastest. Thank you, team Cupid, for your great attitude. We all win together” Says Ram Sareen, CEO and Founder of Tukatech.


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NGC Introduces the Andromeda Cloud Platform for the Connected Enterprise, Enabling Fashion Brands and Retailers to Optimize Lead Times and Improve Profits

MIAMI— NGC Software, a leading provider of PLM, Supply Chain Management and apparel ERP solutions, today announced the release and general availability of its next-generation Andromeda cloud platform for fashion retailers and brand owners. Andromeda powers the Connected Enterprise by bringing together all departments – Merchandising, Product Development, Sourcing, Compliance, Purchasing, Production, Quality, Logistics, Marketing and Sales – in a single cloud-based solution that connects vendors, suppliers and other providers.

Andromeda is an innovative cloud-based platform offering an intuitive user interface, advanced functionality, greater scalability and faster performance. Andromeda provides a single platform, with core PLM and supply chain functionality that can centralize and share information created in other legacy PLM, ERP, SCM, Planning and Point-of-Sale solutions.

Andromeda enables retailers and brand owners to achieve the levels of performance and responsiveness that are necessary to thrive in today’s highly competitive retail environment. With Andromeda, all global users share information and can quickly react to rapidly changing market trends. As a result, retailers and brand owners can optimize lead times, reduce expenses, improve quality and maximize company revenue and profit.

“The retail industry is changing at light speed,” said Mark Burstein, president of sales, marketing and R&D, NGC Software. “Concepts like demand-driven supply chain, lead time optimization and omnichannel distribution all mean one thing: give consumers what they want, when and where they want it. To do this, retailers and brand owners must react faster than ever to the latest data and trends. Andromeda is the solution to this great challenge.“

Andromeda enables the Connected Enterprise by keeping every user and every department synchronized and allowing companies to react instantly to the latest sales, forecast and production data. As a result, companies can take advantage of real-time sales information to adjust in-season plans. In the Connected Enterprise powered by Andromeda, sales data is immediately available throughout an organization, allowing every department to quickly respond and align.

NGC will showcase the Andromeda cloud platform at its Panorama User Conference, May 16-18 in Fort Lauderdale. More information about Andromeda is available here.

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A&E Launches First REPREVE® Recycled Core Spun Sewing Thread

AmEfirdRepreveMOUNT HOLLY, N.C. (March 30, 2017) - American & Efird (A&E) continues its 125-year tradition as a global leader in textile manufacturing, announcing today the official product launch of an industry first, REPREVE® recycled core spun industrial sewing thread, Perma Core® using REPREVE®. Nothing can be more important than the future of our planet, and it's with that in mind, that A&E has engineered a new sewing thread providing a highly sought-after, eco-friendly, performance sewing thread option for environmentally-conscious customers.

Unifi, Inc. (UFI: NYSE), the makers of REPREVE, turns plastic bottles into 100% recycled polyester fiber, which is then made into products sold by leading consumer brands and retailers. Perma Core® using REPREVE® combines a recycled continuous filament polyester core and A&E's signature quality polyester staple wrap to produce a high quality, eco-friendly industrial sewing thread.

"Perma Core® using REPREVE® provides an eco-friendly core spun sewing thread solution without sacrificing quality or sewing performance as seen in some existing recycled threads in the industry," said Chris Alt, A&E's Senior Vice President of global sales. "Perma Core® using REPREVE® is extremely versatile
and can be dyed, finished and delivered from any of A&E's global manufacturing locations and is available across A&E's global color range. The portability of this product is important to our global customers and prospects that are already incorporating REPREVE fabrics into their products, allowing them to complete their sustainability efforts in a cost-efficient way, no matter where in the world they place their sewing production."

"Consumers are looking for products and brands that are environmentally responsible from start to finish. With Perma Core® using REPREVE®, brands can be confident that their products are sewn with eco-friendly thread," said Jay Hertwig, vice president of global brand sales, marketing and product development for Unifi. "At Unifi, we're dedicated to providing a transparent recycled product through our U Trust™ program with Fiberprint™ technology, which verifies products contain REPREVE in the right amounts. We are proud to be associated with A&E and to support their environmental initiatives."

Alt added, "We are very excited to partner with Unifi and offer this innovative and environmentally-conscious product. Our customers requested a quality solution for producing complete products using REPREVE... from fabric and yarn to sewing thread, and our innovative teams collaborated to deliver an economic, high quality, sustainable, premium sewing thread to fill this space by creating Perma Core® using REPREVE®."

Commitment to sustainability is an important and ongoing goal of A&E. A&E's "10 Threads of Sustainability" platform balances social responsibility and environmental impact with business growth objectives. This initiative compliments Unifi's goal to empower brands in fulfillment of their own sustainable programs through its REPREVE brand. Brands and retailers continue to commit themselves to reducing their environmental impact and demonstrate that their choices matter. A&E is proud to assist these retailers and brands by providing premium products to reach their individualized goals.

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Manufacturers value Lectra’s fabric cutting room: 3000 Vector® sold in 10 years

Lectra is proud about customers’ continued passion for the company’s flagship solution Vector®, which guarantees customers operational excellence and prepares them for Industry 4.0

Vector HeadParis, March 14, 2017 – Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, announces the recent sale of its 3000th Vector in 10 years The Vector range has revolutionized the automatic cutting room for fabric, enjoying immediate success with fashion, automotive and furniture manufacturers. Today, Vector is the undisputed reference for the fabric cutting room, reflected by the 15% rise in sales for Vector in 2016.

Manufacturers’ enthusiasm for Vector, in both developed countries and emerging economies, is due to a range of competitive advantages. Vector’s record machine availability—over 98%—plus its overall performance minimizes the cost per piece, bringing profitability to operations for Lectra customers. In addition, Vector’s cutting precision and the capacity to produce pieces without spaces equates to significant gains in materials, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for manufacturers.

A series of decisive innovations for Vector have ensured that Lectra continues to help customers reach their increasingly ambitious objectives for operational excellence. Since 2007, Vector has made true technological leaps, pushing the boundaries for speed, quality and reliability. The new generation of Vector, launched in 2012, established new standards for productivity and controlling performance which remain unrivalled today. At the end of 2016, two new models joined the Vector family: Vector iQ, whose cutting device enables a 10% rise in productivity, and VectorAuto iX6, which specializes in synthetic fabric cutting for seats and car interiors.

Vector owes its reliability to the multiple sensors with which it is equipped. Launched with 120 sensors, today Vector has 180 sensors to implement preventive and predictive maintenance. Vectors installed across the world communicate in real time with Lectra’s five international call centers, where experts can immediately intervene remotely.

“A pioneering solution in the Internet of Things, Vector was the first cutting solution on the market connected to the Internet and which used a system of predictive maintenance. The Vector range fully answers Industry 4.0 concepts and its innovative services are a major asset for the cutting room of the future,” underlines Daniel Harari, Lectra CEO.

George C. Moore Named Textile Partner of the Year

George C MooreBowling Green, Kentucky - March 13, 2017. George C. Moore Company has been recognized with the "2016 Partner of the Year" award by Fruit of the Loom, Inc. Additionally, the narrow fabric manufacturer has also been named a "Top 10 Supplier". The Top Ten Partners are determined based on their performance on various metrics from the full group of Fruit of the Loom, Inc. suppliers. "This is a very important recognition for us since this means that our company has been ranked among the top ten suppliers out of 150 trusted suppliers in all categories that are part of their network. We are very appreciative of the focus and commitment from all of our associates to make this possible" said Andrew K. Dreher, Division President.

This year George C. Moore Company celebrates 108 years of history. Their production facility is located in El Salvador, Central America and their headquarters in Rhode Island. "The success of our mill throughout the years is based on our consistent commitment to quality and performance, and primarily on the fact that our associates truly care for the success of our company. On behalf of our more than 400 employees we are honored to receive this recognition from a world class brand like Fruit of the Loom” A. Dreher, added.

They manufacture printed, Jacquard and knit narrow elastic for underwear, intimate apparel, athletic compression garments, men’s and women’s slacks, performance apparel, dancewear, swimwear, orthopedic & medical, industrial and safety markets. Their value added services include cutting and looping, fabricated waistbands, silicone applications, technical performance finishes, permanent fire resistance, among other value added initiatives.

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OVS adopts Lectra Fashion PLM

Leading Italian retailer revamps its information systems with Lectra’s product and collection lifecycle management solution

OVSParis, March 7, 2017 – Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, is pleased to announce that OVS, Italy’s leading fashion retail group for menswear, womenswear and childrenswear, has chosen Lectra Fashion PLM to restructure their entire product development process.

Founded in 1972, OVS has a vertically-integrated retail business model which relies on a strong design sensibility and a unique sourcing strategy based on the key geographical locations of its external suppliers. Today, OVS has a proven track record of success with more than 900 stores around the world.

OVS will implement Lectra Fashion PLM in their entire design-to-sourcing process. The user-friendly solution will integrate all data and processes that the entire product and collection lifecycle entails into one streamlined and cohesive data management system. This collaborative platform will simultaneously serve to connect all teams together from different geographic locations. Team members will hence be able to share and work from one single version of the truth and communicate in real time. As a result of vastly improved teamwork, errors and overlapping tasks will be avoided, improving speed to market.

“OVS’ history and climb to success show that it is an ambitious and forward-looking company. Given OVS’ sense of direction for the future and its worldwide success, we are excited to embark on this PLM journey with them,” concludes Céline Choussy Bedouet, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Lectra.

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CIO Review chooses Tukatech as top Apparel Tech Company

CIO Review chooses Tukatech as top Apparel Tech Company

Lectra unveils a new strategy

Lectra enables customers to lock Industry 4.0 principles into their processes


Paris, February, 28, 2017 – Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, reveals a new strategy conceived to empower fashion and apparel, automotive and furniture companies to succeed as they step into the Industry 4.0 era.

Anchored in the digitalization of industrial processes, from creation to production, Industry 4.0 is creating a new organization of factories’ ecosystems. Increasingly flexible with optimized resources, factories are propelling a new digitalized lifecycle for products that will benefit consumers.

Furthermore, mass production is leaving increasing room for large-scale customized production, as well as providing quick-to-market, quality products expected by increasingly impatient and demanding customers.

In order to face these changes, a digital value chain is essential to provide real-time connections between creative teams and product development teams, smart factories, suppliers and consumers.

“To meet these new challenges, our customers can depend on our software and equipment offer, already compatible with Industry 4.0 principles, our deep knowledge of the industrial Internet of Things since 2007, and our teams’ expertise in specific industries,” stated Daniel Harari, CEO, Lectra. “Thanks to these strong fundamentals, we are massively enriching our offer, leveraging the latest technologies and integrating best practices, to entrench Lectra’s position as an Industry 4.0 visionary.”

Reflecting Lectra’s new strategy is the launch of a Software as a Service (SaaS) offer, reinforced by cloud and developed since 2015. This offer, capitalizing on data analyses and exploitation, will translate into even smarter, connected equipment and finely tuned integration between equipment, software and services. New industry-specific services will reinforce the offer, enabling Lectra to continually improve customer processes. Initially tested in 2017 with select customers, some of whom have been involved with the offer since the beginning of the design, the new offer will be commercialized from 2018.

“Bringing increasing value to our customers, Lectra will increase the share of revenues dedicated to R&D to 10% for the period from 2017 to 2019, representing a rise of about 50% between 2016 and 2019. This way we can support our customers on their path towards operational excellence, indispensable if they are to succeed in the context of the fourth industrial revolution,” concludes Daniel Harari.

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The fashion and apparel industry secures data integrity with Lectra’s new supply chain program

Lectra’s new program enables brands, retailers and suppliers to control the chain of digital information, reducing the time and costs to develop collections

 Paris, February 21, 2017 – Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, anchors the quality of digital data exchanges between brands, retailers and suppliers at the core of the company’s new, finely-tuned supply chain program.

Current trends are moving the fashion industry towards full digitalization. Technologies like 3D and augmented reality are responding to the growing desire for personalization and the drive to improve the customer journey. These phenomena are propelling the continual exchange of large volumes of digital data along the supply chain, and increasing the need to secure data transferred between brands, retailers and their many suppliers across the globe. 

Lectra’s new supply chain program guarantees data integrity across digital exchanges to cut development time, boost productivity, improve product quality and fit, reduce time to market, and heighten consumer satisfaction. The program ensures a robust and connected supply chain, essential for fashion players to operate efficiently in today’s high-speed fashion market, with new consumer demands and their need to feed online and in-store channels rapidly and regularly.

Crucially, contractors and their suppliers do not always use the same versions of software applications, or they may use entirely different solutions. As a result, valuable information created up front is frequently compromised—and even only partially transferred—often generating costly errors and confusion in product development and production, resulting in lost time, efficiency and productivity for both parties.

By improving data exchange between contractors and supplying partners, Lectra’s supply chain program delivers multiple benefits. In addition to providing in-depth analyses of current co-development processes, the program offers a customized action plan to reduce the cost of product development, share fashion industry best practices, eliminate non value-added activities and ultimately improve product quality and lead times.

“For contractors and suppliers, keeping in step with the fast-paced fashion industry has accelerated the mutual need for digital data along the supply chain. But the quality of data exchange has not evolved at the same momentum. Lectra’s program expertly fills this gap to support our customers as they compete in this rapid market,” underlines Céline Choussy Bedouet, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Lectra.

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