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Welcome to the AAPN Member Landing Page

This website helps with the work of keeping our membership connected with simple tools for staying in touch and space for sharing documents, photos and resources within the membership.

In addition, the AAPN Member Portal is a workhorse that collects member dues and supports event registration and payment.

Please keep in touch with your ideas about how we can improve. 

 AAPN's Sourcing Exchange was temporarily open to non-members but as of June 1st has reverted to AAPN members, only. Here's how to locate the Discussions:  

  • Click on the link above that says Discussions (just above in the light gray toolbar)
  • This will take you to the Discussion Forum with sub-categories for Sourcing Center > Sourcing Exchange > Making Connections
    • Please click through to the Making Connections series of posts so that we are all literally on the same page
  • Once you arrive at the page with individual posts you will be able to read everything already posted AND you will be able to post your own situation
  • Please do not "sell" --- 
  • Remember to tell people how to contact you ---- phone and/or email address
  • These posts are being organized in a spreadsheet located at