Apparel Summit of the Americas

November 27 - 29, 2018 | San Pedro Sula, Honduras

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  • Safety Message: You will be required to wear rubber soled shoes, no heels, no open toed or open heeled shoes and hair longer than shoulder length will need to be pulled back
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 Wednesday Afternoon, November 28

BUNDLE #1 - about 30 minutes from Copantl Convention Center

  • UTEXA  (United Textiles of America)
    • Synthetic yarn production
    • Products
      • Full dull, Semi-dull & Super bright
      • Recycled polyester
      • Wicking, antimicrobial & Flame retardant
      • Heather effect & dope dyed solution yarn
      • Microfiber filament
  • Honduras Green Energy
    • 43MB Electricity generation
    • The main biomass used as a source of fuel is a crop called King grass
  • Villas San Juan Housing Project
    • VILLAS SAN JUAN is an initiative of Elcatex Group to provide all the associates the possibility of having an affordable and satisfactory housing solution.
    • Gated community with security
    • Paved access and streets + all basic services
    • 1380 Houses & 320 Condos

BUNDLE #2 - (about 30 minutes from Copantl Convention Center)

    • Finotex Honduras
      • Product Development Process (Designing, Testings, Color Development).
      • Heat Transfer Production Process.
      • Printed Labels Production process.
      • Woven Labels Production Process.
    • Coats (Spinning & Twisting)
      • Founded in 2009, this plant uses raw materials from the US and sources grey thread to the Dying & Finishing plant. 
      • We process and clean different types of fibers, including
        • cotton
        • polyester
        • Aramids
      • Then apply twist to get the physical conditions required by our customer. 
      • In 2014, we reached such high capacity that a new Twisting facility was opened to help accommodate 120 tons of capacity per month.
    • Coats (Finishing & Dyeing)
      • Founded in 2000 to manufacture nine different substrates, including:

        • Continuous Filament Polyester
        • Trilobal Polyester
        • Micro Filament Polyester
        • Cotton
        • Polyester Polycore Spun
        • Spun Meta Aramid
        • Staple Spun Polyester
        • Textured Nylon
        • Textured Polyester
        Safety is a main priority as the goods are processed, dyed and made into finished good for industrial customers.

Thursday Morning, November 29

BUNDLE #1 - (About 30 minutes from Copantl Convention Center)

  • Genesis Apparel
    • Multi-style sewing facility with more tan 20 years experience
    • Products: Basic tees, fleece hoodies and pants, polo pique, underwear 
    • 4.8 Million garments a month
    • Employees: 2,000
  • Elcatex Textile Mill
    • Vertically integrated knitting forward
    • Fabrics: Jersey, fleece, rib 1x1, rib 2x1, pique, interlock polyester, jersey polyester, mesh
    • 8 million pounds per month
    • Employees: 1,600
  • Stretchline
    • World’s largest and only branded narrow fabric manufacturer
    • Products: Woven, knitted, Jacquard, Printed and predyed elastics
    • Over 3700 employees
    • Customers: NIKE, VS, MAS ACME, ELCATEX

BUNDLE #2 - (About 45 minutes to an hour from Copantl Convention Center)

  • Honduran Spinning Mill - Karims Group
    • We are part of the strategic back integration of Grupo Karims. Honduras Spinning Mills constitutes one of the greatest advantages for the regional supply chain and creates an opportunity for cost reduction for all regional textile mills; as quality, delivery and price will always be part of our competitive edge. We have the capacity to produce thousands of pounds per week of a vast variety of products such as: 
      • 100% cotton
      • blends
      • Z twist and S twist
      • Repreve 


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