Kim Macaulay



Kim Macaulay
Business Development Executive



Introduce yourself to our audience. Tell us who you are and your career path.

I grew up in Northern New Jersey. As a young girl in the mid-sixties, my father took my sister and I to work for a day in the summer, long before “take your daughter to work” was a thing. I still remember the excitement I felt crossing the George Washington Bridge riding into Manhattan. Once at the office, I helped out by filing. The professional men and women, the office environment and the energy impressed me. From that point forward I was hooked and knew that I wanted a career in business.

I started my career in “inside sales” for the steel industry in New Jersey. I moved to Southern California for an opportunity in Field Sales. A year later, I joined Avery Dennison and spent over 32 years there. I took advantage of the many opportunities a large corporation has to offer. I traveled, relocated and advanced at every chance I got. I loved the Trim & Packaging business because it married my love for fashion with my love for business.

Today I am self-employed and focused on helping companies with growth
strategies in the retail/apparel supply chain space.

What is one of your most memorable career accomplishments?

Building a growth strategy for one of Avery Dennison’s divisions. While I loved my role as a global sales leader, I wanted a change. The Division president at the time gave me the opportunity to develop and lead growth strategies, which included acquisitions. I presented a strategy to the CEO, which resulted in an acquisition that expanded the scope and growth trajectory of the Division.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Developing talent. Finding opportunities for people to learn and grow by providing the right environment for them to take risks and share their skills. It’s rewarding for me to know that people I have hired and promoted are thriving in successful careers.

What is the best career advice you every received?

Always do the right thing. If others seemingly advance by means that may lack integrity, be patient. Treating people well and doing your best will ultimately be rewarded. Karma is a real and beautiful thing.

What advice would you give leading ladies wishes to break into your industry?

A common trait that I see in our industry is passion. Passion for products and supporting services, passion for the diversity and global nature of the industry. My advice is to develop one’s passion around an aspect, or many aspects of the industry.
Also, listening is an incredibly important skill. There is a saying that no one ever learned anything while talking. Really try to understand what someone is saying without thinking about your response. You will learn what customers really want, you will gain wisdom from a leader or mentor or coworker who is trying to show you the ropes. And people will draw closer to you because they will feel heard.

Take calculated risks. Go out of your personal comfort zone. It may be a project that is offered that is different from what you typically do or are trained to do. It may be relocating, or a temporary assignment, or travel for an interesting project. There is always something to learn. Be open to learning.

Finally, help others. As you achieve your goals, help others to achieve theirs.

What would you say your personal superpower is?

I have the ability to see qualities, skills and capabilities in people before they see it in themselves. As a result, I encourage people to take challenging assignments and try new things.