Jean-Marie Scutari


Jean-Marie Scutari
VP Business Development & Marketing
Southern Textile Network




My career journey started with a passion for sewing and designing clothes when I was very young. I was just always intrigued with all the different types of fabrics that were in the fabric stores, especially in New York City. To this day, I still enjoy researching many distinctive fiber blends, constructions and colors that I can get my hands on. I wanted to learn all I could about Textile Management and Marketing. So, I chose to attend Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences and have been fortunate to be in the textile business ever since. I have worked with and met some of the most incredible people along the way, and proud to call many of them my dearest friends.

Career Path
Currently, I am working with Southern Textile Network, a garment manufacture located in Peru. I am located in New York City area. It is exciting to now be involved on the garment side of the business. Manufacturing in Peru has many benefits including duty free and excellent, detailed garment manufacturing. I have worked for some amazing companies, starting at Milliken as a sales rep, Burlington Industries as a Sales manager and Director of Marketing, Deer Creek Fabrics, Director of Sales and Alamac as Vice-President of Marketing and Merchandising. I really was always involved in the sales and product development of the products no matter what role I had. All these companies made a difference in the domestic textile market and I was proud to work for all of them. Each company had a niche business which allowed me to be able to be involved with the newest fibers and technologies and meet some of the most amazing people along the way. We faced many challenges to compete in the domestic market which made the last 25 years very challenging, but at the same time all the success stories made it so rewarding. My knowledge of textiles, combined with working with many manufacturers over the years, led me to decide to join STN and be part of the entire process from fabric to completed garment.

What is the best career advice I ever received?
When I started in the business, my first position was a sales rep. The best advice I ever received to really get to know my customers. Know their business, know their customers, care about what they were looking for in product, engage in conversation. Learn all of this before you plan to show any fabrics to them. Who ever thought today, we would be talking about concepts such as smart textiles, thermal regulating and eco-friendly fabrics when I started my career in this business. Advise as simple as it sounded at the time, made all the difference because learning to listen to their needs made the sale so much easier and rewarding to be part of their decision making. 

What advice would I offer to future ladies wishing to break into the industry?
This is an ever-changing marketplace. Having the ability to re-invent your career path constantly is critical. Be open to many opportunities as you never know who you will meet along the way. If it is sales, then learn to merchandise and really understand the process of how that fabric is made from fiber to finished fabric. If it is product development, learn more about what it takes to sell a product. If is sourcing, know every positive added value you can offer to you customer. Always look for the added advantage that will set you apart with added skills.

Also, take the time to appreciate the people who are training you in this business.

If you are lucky to work with someone who has years of experience dealing with this business and vast knowledge of the day to day operations, embrace it.

Why AAPN is so Beneficial?
Every time I attend an AAPN conference, I am still amazed about all the new information that is available and how the market is so unpredictable more than ever. Receiving news releases from AAPN related to our business has been so beneficial. The ability to network, meet new people, and constantly learn about business challenges and success stories are so invigorating after each conference. Today, as companies are constantly changing their business models, we look to our professional friendships and our networking skills for advice, employment opportunities, business leads and support. AAPN and now a group dedicated to the exchange of ideas between women will be amazing resource for all involved.