Global Locations of AAPN Members

The interactive map below shows the depth and breadth of AAPN members around the globe. Global locations of our members are not all exactly accurate. We have attempted to key in addresses and sometimes longitude and latitude coordinates using Google maps to pinpoint locations and sometimes, even that, results in a marker that points to a general location, only. In some cases, we do not have an address and have just keyed in the Country.

We have also attempted to group our members by location in the Supply Chain. You can filter the color coded map markers by using the black ribbon located below the map OR you use the search box in upper right hand corner to search by country or company name. 

This map is a work in progress.  Please help us maintain this map by contacting AAPN directly with your company's global locations.


View AAPN Members May 2018 in a full screen map