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FINCH Designs, Made With REPREVE®, Awarded Seal of Approval by Project JUST

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA – August 14, 2017 – FINCH Designs, a swimwear brand using REPREVE® recycled fiber in its products, is a new recipient of the Project JUST Seal of Approval. FINCH Designs is the first-ever China-based brand to receive the distinction, which is based upon the company’s commitment to transparency and building a sustainable supply chain. FINCH Designs is one of only three brands to win the Seal of Approval in the swimwear category, out of more than 115 nominations.

A significant player in FINCH Designs’ supply chain is Unifi Manufacturing, Inc., a company that transforms recycled plastic bottles into a fiber called REPREVE. REPREVE is traceable and certified through Unifi’s proprietary U TRUST™ verification program. U TRUST is a comprehensive certification program that is designed to provide REPREVE customers with an increased level of transparency. As part of the U TRUST program, Unifi incorporates FIBERPRINT™ technology, a unique tool that allows a third party to analyze fabrics for the FIBERPRINT signature, which Unifi then uses to certify the level of REPREVE content.

Project JUST’s Seal of Approval is based upon extensive research into the brand’s environmental and social practices. In addition, Project JUST considers availability, accessibility (size and price), quality and aesthetic.

“FINCH identifies with the slow-fashion movement and repeats 85 percent of its prints and styles year after year to encourage timeless, responsible purchasing. We design all of our signature prints in-house, and work only with manufacturing partners that share our core values of social and environmentally responsible production,” said Itee Soni, FINCH co-founder.

Since launching swimwear made from REPREVE fiber in 2013, FINCH has rapidly established partnerships with some of the most luxurious names in travel, including Six Senses, W Hotels, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz-Carlton, Park Hyatt and Naked eco-resorts.

“When we began, we were looking for a supplier that understood our mandate of providing a transparent supply chain to our customers,” added Heather Kaye, FINCH co-founder. “We found that commitment in our collaboration with Unifi; and through the use of REPREVE, they were able to help us create a high-quality product for the good of our consumers and the environment.”

Having launched men’s and boys’ REPREVE recycled swim trunks in addition to the women’s and girls’ categories, FINCH is essentially a one-stop shop for eco-swimwear. In addition to being environmentally responsible and stylish, FINCH swimwear is also high-performing, as each item offers protection from the sun with a UPF rating of at least 50.

“We’re proud to support FINCH as they receive this well-deserved distinction from Project JUST,” said Jay Hertwig, vice president of global brand/Premium Value-Added (PVA) sales for Unifi. “FINCH creates swimwear for the whole family that is fashionable, functional and earth-friendly.”

Gerber Launches Apparel Matching Solution and Product Updates to Make It Easy to “Embrace Your Digital Reality”

Digital Solutions to be showcased at 2017 CISMA Tradeshow

TOLLAND, CONN., USA, AUG. 15, 2017 – Industry 4.0, smart factories, digitization, sustainability and corporate social responsibility – these terms are in the headlines of industry publications every day. Digitization is a reality, and that’s good news for the fashion industry. Cutting-edge digital design tools that integrate seamlessly with smart machines will help garment manufacturers cut costs by millions of dollars, increase throughput, reduce waste and – most importantly – stay competitive.

That’s the message Gerber Technology plans to deliver at the 2017 CISMA tradeshow in Shanghai, China September 26-29. With the high concentration of apparel manufacturers and brands attending from the Asia Pacific region, Gerber will demonstrate how they are different from others and uniquely positioned to help the industry transform. Showing how their Digital Solutions, a full suite of industry leading end-to-end integrated products, are helping companies collaborate and go from initial design to production and shipment with greater speed, quality and visibility throughout the process.

They will also launch their new GERBERcutter® Z1 with AutoMatch™ – a stripe, plaid, and
5-star automated matching solution. This new automation solution will help apparel manufacturers automate manual processes to improve quality, increase productivity, shorten cycle times, reduce labor costs and accelerate time to market.

While the fashion industry is known for setting trends, challenging cultural norms and pushing boundaries – it has also been relatively slow to adapt to the changes brought about by social media, a savvier consumer base and the advent of “fast fashion”. But there is a growing body of evidence that this adoption curve is about to shift. Today, everyone in the industry – from major players to small startup labels – are talking about the industry’s digital transformation and how it can revolutionize the way garments are designed, created and purchased. “We look forward to meeting with leaders from all around the world, to support them as they seek to understand how technology can help them solve the key business challenges they are facing as our industry evolves,” said Johnny Wang, Vice President & General Manager of Asia Pacific for Gerber Technology.

The fashion and apparel industry spends billions of dollars each year on physical samples. At CISMA, Gerber will highlight how their AccuMark® 3D can be used to validate patterns and simulate virtual garment samples so realistic that there’s no need for designers to spend the time and money cutting and sewing “real” ones.

Mohit Uberoi, CEO of Gerber Technology, said, “The time has come for our industry to embrace digitization, to leverage connected technology by eliminating manual processes, and to improve quality, efficiency and cost structures, all in a socially responsible way.”

Gerber has focused on a theme of “Embrace Your Digital Reality”. According to Uberoi, “The ‘Your’ in ‘Embrace Your Digital Reality’ is critical. Everyone is in a different place in their journey toward digitization. We know Gerber has the knowledge, customer focus and set of integrated industry leading products to help all companies progress on their journey and achieve optimum results along the way.”

CISMA attendees can learn more by visiting Gerber Technology in Hall E2, Booth #A22.

Special Report on Haiti's CODEVI Park

Like most of you, I travel a lot. Seldom do I fly into someone else’s vision, one that moved mountains beyond mountains, as in Fernando Capellan thinking he might be able to build a unique industrial park in Haiti, now called CODEVI. I just got back from his park. Here’s the story.

Since early 2001, I have traveled this hemisphere, top to bottom, recruiting apparel, textile and trim producers, as well as industry services, into the AAPN. On one of those trips in 2008, I visited Grupo M in Santiago, DR and, from there, was given a tour of their industrial park, CODEVI, in Ouanaminthe, Haiti, on the DR border. Nine years later, I returned to the park on Monday August 7.

My tour in 2008 - 5 buildings:

My tour on Monday, August 7 - 17 buildings and more coming:

CODEVI is owned by Fernando Capellan’s Grupo M, a private apparel manufacturer founded in 1986, vertically integrated, in the Dominican Republic producing knits and woven products for the U.S. market. Fernando opened the park in August 2003, five years prior to my tour in 2008. It remains the biggest socio-economic project of the area and the largest employer in the country’s northern region. But it wasn’t easy.

Map of CODEVI:

You see, Haiti and the DR are different countries and cultures with next to no history of industrial collaboration. Each nation has a population of approximately 10 million people. Haiti itself is among the low cost countries of the world. The industry added to that competitive advantage with trade laws and FTA’s such as HELP /HOPE that granted use of foreign fabric and duty free access to the US, Europe and Canada and of course proximity. Port au Prince became the epicenter of factories in Haiti until CODEVI.

The project had the standard issues you run into when starting in a foreign country - legal framework, identifying a location for the installation, financing, infrastructure, construction, training and so much more. Still, what drove it was an unwavering vision.

Fernando’s vision was of a park that consolidated Haitian labor in quantity and cost competitive, on the border, meeting Haitian law, bringing in Dominican expertise, supported by modern a infrastructure. It could export from a more modern and closer Dominican port such as Manzanillo which is only 20 min away from the park and will help to further shorten Lead-times and Logistics, had better contracts from Grupo M. How is it going?

With income comes investment in new transportation:

CODEVI started with 4 million square feet of land. On my 2008 trip, there were 5 buildings and 3,000 people. On Monday of this week, I saw 17 buildings and 10,000 people. The names of the brands (Levi’s, GAP Inc., Under Armour, Hanes, Fruit Of the Loom, Carhartt, Jockey among others) and the owners of factories there are global players (USA, Sri Lanka, China to name a few)...…..and they do not invest lightly. They commit for years by building a factory from scratch, from the ground up for the long haul. That’s the ‘vision’ part of this report.

A new factory, with the air made cool by an ingenious water spray technology:

As Grupo M's Joseph Blumberg told us during our tour, “the starting point of the park was high. We applied the proven formula of Grupo M which is that compliance is in the DNA of everything we do". Every detail of energy, training, social responsibility, environment, basic health, cooking, child education, transportation, safety and financial responsibility was taken 10,000 times - for every employee.

Carlos Arias Winds Group; Paolo Chiappina Bureau Veritas; Rick Horwitch Bureau Veritas; Mike Todaro AAPN; Joseph Blumberg Grupo M

Take an employee. To be considered for hiring they have to be able to read, write and perform basic math. In a country with over 50% unemployment (and often much higher), this makes the job competitive. When hired, each person receives 3 months of training at half pay and with full benefits. When hired, they can exceed 40% minimum wage with incentives.

Prospects for jobs lined up waiting to be escorted into the park:

You have to believe that in 2003 when this broke ground, the area was extremely basic, hand to mouth, no formal economy. Today the community is served by CODEVI’s radio and TV station, alerting the community to disease outbreaks, showing entertainment and educating everyone. Does one need more evidence that savings? In 2003 no-one saved. Today over 90% of CODEVI’s 10,000 people participate in the park’s Savings and Loan Club.

Today, walking through the town of Ouanaminthe wearing your CODEVI badge is a sign of status. As one article on the park said, "Capellan does not take all the credit for the company’s success. "We believe that this success is due to the fact that the 10,000 employees identify with the work they do. Everyone has the opportunity to receive training and to improve his family’s quality of life.”

Sewing operators in the Mazava factory:

Blumberg said, “we pick the companies who invest here carefully”. I think its the other way around. It is the only Dominican project in Haiti and it proves the value of the synergy each nation and its people bring to the table - motivated workers in a structured highly efficient production center.

Finally, make no mistake, this is not just Dominicans and Haitians either. There may be over a dozen nationalities working in multiple levels of management throughout the park. As a result, there is a collocated campus of apartments and even a hotel to support the traffic into the park. As for the park itself, it may soon grow from its 4 million square feet to nearly 10 million!

This will include a “MicroPark” right across the bridge that they built to connect the park to the town. It will be 600 thousand square feet of a sort of Town Center with a vocational school, fully equipped clinic, Food Court, housing and recreational facilities. All of this is a part of a bigger picture being developed by the Bi-National Economic Council (CEBQ) with Private sectors of both countries working side-by-side on a range of projects along the whole border to impact the economies and progress of both Haiti and the DR.

Vision? Visions are pictures from the ends of albums of photos of other visions that hit the wall. As they say, its a dream until its put into writing, then its a plan. CODEVI was put into writing and Grupo M never changed a word of it because the plan was to ‘do it right from the start’. Plus, trust me when I conclude they practice what Cormac McCarthy wrote in THE ROAD, "If trouble comes when you least expect it then maybe the thing to do is to always expect it.”

Many thanks to Fernando Capellan and Joseph Blumberg for a highly intense day spent smack inside their vision and for their long term membership in and support of the AAPN.

Grupo M's AAPN Membership Plaque, member# 1271, since 2001:

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Unifi Announces Executive Team Additions and Promotions

Greensboro, N.C. – August 4, 2017 – Global leader of innovative and sustainable textile fiber solutions Unifi, Inc. (NYSE: UFI) today announced the appointments of Richard E. Gerstein as executive vice president, global branded Premium Value Added (PVA) products and chief marketing officer, and John Vegas as executive vice president, global chief human resources officer, effective August 14th and 21st, respectively.

Commenting on the appointments, Unifi's Chief Executive Officer Kevin Hall said: “Together Richard and John bring over 50 years of strategic experience to the team. We look forward to the insight they’ll provide as we continue to expand globally.”

Gerstein brings to Unifi thirty years of P&L and marketing expertise, and an ability to attract and build strong teams. He has served in executive roles for global companies including Procter & Gamble, Alberto Culver, Hewlett Packard, and Sears Holdings. Gerstein also sits on the advisory board of Motista, and served on the board of Lands’ End.

"Richard brings leadership experience in the US and internationally as both a manufacturer and retailer,” said Hall. “He has a diverse skill base across strategic planning, marketing, digital, and partnership development, as well as valuable expertise driving growth in consumer products, technology, e-commerce, and retail.”

Vegas has over twenty years of global business experience, with his career encompassing multifunctional roles in human resources, general management, sales and retail operations for three Fortune 1000 companies. He is a skilled strategist who proactively builds and organizes teams to solve problems and accelerate business growth. Vegas serves on the Board of Trustees for The Nature Conservancy of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

"John has a strong track record of value creation through innovation, P&L management, and organizational development, as well as a diverse skill set across HR, sustainability and retail management,” said Hall. “We are excited by his ability to recruit and retain top talent, while also building scalable talent platforms in complex labor markets.”

Adding to Hall’s comments, Unifi Chairman James Mead stated: "Richard and John are excellent additions to our executive leadership team. Their experience will be invaluable as we continue to execute our strategic growth plan."

Concurrent with these additions, Unifi announces the promotion of Mark McNeill to executive vice president, global innovation. Commenting on McNeill’s promotion, Hall said: “This promotion reflects Mark’s outstanding contributions and leadership in technology and innovation efforts at Unifi for the past 20 years. Mark will also continue to lead the expansion efforts of our Asia business unit as he has done so successfully over the past two years.”

The Unifi sales organization will continue to be led by Jay Hertwig on the global PVA business, and Allen Smith on the regional polyester, nylon, and dye operations.

The Company is proceeding with its search for a CFO to round out the executive leadership team and expects to announce that appointment shortly.

YuniquePLM® 7.1 Features Adobe® Artboard Support and Advanced User Configurability Options

New Features Support Adobe CC17 on MAC and PC

ConfigurationTOLLAND, CONN., USA, AUGUST 2, 2017 – An increase in personalization has become an expectation with today’s technological advancements and the new YuniquePLM 7.1 upgrade delivers this to its customers. “Bringing the power of the configurability to the user of a YuniquePLM workspace is at the heart of this release,” said Clayton Parker, PLM product manager, Gerber Technology.

With the new release of YuniquePLM 7.1, Gerber used customer feedback to develop the upgrades. These included:
Artboard support within YunquiePLM Design Suite Plugin for Adobe Illustrator® CC17 on both Mac and PC, allowing customers to work with 1 multi-paged Adobe Illustrator doc and assign pages to different sections within a product in YuniquePLM.
Improvements to Configurability that was released with v7.0 and the ability to group pages when editing, allowing you to edit pages en masse.
Addition of 6 new PANTONE® libraries.

Gerber Technology has enhanced the performance of YuniquePLM – enabling the continuous delivery of new features requested by our customers. This means new features can be delivered to the core product in a shorter development timeframe so customers don’t have to wait for major software releases to reap the benefit of new functionality. “Using our user-voice feedback system, customers can request, discuss, and vote on new features to be added to the core product that will help them in the future,” continued Parker.

The YuniquePLM product lifecycle management software serves as a central repository of critical data and eliminates problems companies often face when using multiple Excel spreadsheets or tracking documents to communicate throughout the stages of product development and management. YuniquePLM creates a single version of the truth, connecting a company’s creative process with their supply chain and production processes.

Gerber’s Partner Danit Peleg Launches First Commercially Available 3D Garment

Peleg Uses AccuMark® 3D and YuniquePLM® to Bring Garment to Market

TOLLAND, CONN., USA, JULY 27, 2017 – Similar to the way iTunes disrupted and personalized the way we all consume music – 3D printed garments will revolutionize the way consumers buy clothes. Through the use of AccuMark 3D and YuniquePLM, Danit Peleg has brought a new limited edition bomber style jacket to market, available for purchase on her website Each garment will be personalized with individual choices for color, lining and even a word embedded into the back of the jacket.

“We are excited to help Danit bring 3D printed garments to the market and be a part of this incredible journey,” said Elizabeth King, vice president of digital solutions, community and eco-system at Gerber Technology. “Our creative partnership has helped define a workflow in AccuMark 3D for the benefit of our customers who will transform the industry in the coming years.”

Gerber and Danit have been partnering on the future of 3D garments beginning with her senior project at Israel’s prestigious Shenkar College of Engineering and Design to her latest collection that was inspired by the painting ‘The Birth of Venus,’ including the bomber jacket that is now available on her webDanit Peleg's 3D printed jacket is available for In a limited edition of 100, this is the first commercially available 3D printed garment ever sold online. Customers have the opportunity to customize their own and Danit’s team will print and ship it to their home.​

“With each collection, Gerber has helped me streamline my workflow to accelerate the 3D printed design process,” said Danit Peleg. “My vision of the future is that you will buy your 3D print file and print your clothes at home or at a designated store.”

Find more out about her 3D printed garments and the new jacket in this video:

NGC Software Announces Cloud-Based Andromeda® Quality Control Solution Release

NGC’s Andromeda Cloud SaaS solutions enable retailers and brand owners to protect their brand reputation

NGC logoMIAMI—July 19, 2017—NGC Software, a leading provider of cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions, today announced the latest release and general availability of its next-generation Andromeda® Quality Control solution for fashion retailers and brand owners. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution helps companies identify product quality problems on the factory floor where issues can quickly and easily be resolved, reducing chargebacks and returned inventory.

NGC’s latest Andromeda Quality Control release provides a solution for quality management and compliance testing throughout the supply chain. It features integration with legacy PLM, ERP and logistics solutions, multilingual online and offline functionality, and geolocation of factories and auditors. The cloud-based solution allows internal, third-party or factory-certified auditors to conduct multiple audit types, produce comprehensive inspection reports, and create corrective action plans. All of the information collected on the tablet is uploaded to the Andromeda Cloud Platform, resulting in real-time reporting and failure notification. The system automatically generates corrective action plans that bring the quality assurance process full circle.

Product Testing is an integral part of the Andromeda Quality Control solution that streamlines the entire testing process for both finished products and components. Retailers and brand owners can manage the complex process of requesting, tracking, submitting, and approving product tests, then creating compliance documents such as the General Certificate of Conformity (GCC). Andromeda manages product compliance for domestic and international regulatory requirements such as CPSIA, Prop 65, REACH and many others. Andromeda also manages testing protocols related to product quality standards, including fiber content, weight, count and yarn size; dimensional stability; colorfastness; wet and dry crocking; tearing, tensile and seam strength; pilling resistance, pile retention and stretch recovery; and much more.

“Managing production quality and product compliance are critical steps in any apparel supply chain,” said Mark Burstein, president of sales and development, NGC Software. “Our Andromeda Quality Control solution allows retailers and brand owners to protect their brand reputation by helping identify issues early and tracking resolutions for a comprehensive quality assurance process. We’re already working with new and existing customers on implementations, and we’re excited about the momentum that our latest Andromeda Cloud solutions are generating.”

Andromeda Quality Control is part of NGC’s Andromeda Cloud Platform, which enables the Connected Enterprise by bringing together information from legacy systems and pulling data from all departments – Merchandising, Product Development, Sourcing, Compliance, Purchasing, Production, Quality, Logistics, Marketing and Sales – into a single cloud-based solution that connects vendors, suppliers and other providers.

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A&E Joins ZDHC In-line with Commitment to Sustainable Business Practices

AE ZDHCMOUNT HOLLY, NC (July 11, 2017) - American & Efird (A&E), one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of industrial and consumer sewing thread, embroidery thread, and technical textiles, is officially announcing it has joined the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Programme. As a sustainability leader in the textile industry, A&E is proud to join over 20
leading brands working together to drive industry-wide change in responsible chemicals management.

"Being a part of the ZDHC Programme provides us the opportunity to share our knowledge and insights, partner and collaborate on issues with others in our industry, and improve our knowledge on sustainability, environmental, and chemical management issues." Jimmy Summers, A&E Vice President Environmental, Health and Safety/Sustainability continued, "We believe it is very important to be actively involved in driving positive change throughout the industry. It's simply the right thing to do."

A&E has a long history of leading the thread industry in the area of environmental sustainability. Last month, A&E released its annual corporate sustainability report highlighting continued improvements, specifically in global water use reduction and Zero-Waste-to-Landfill efforts. A&E supports the Programme's vision of widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry and best practices in the textile and footwear industries to protect consumers, workers and the environment.

Learn more about A&E's Sustainability efforts at To learn more about the ZDHC Programme, visit

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After Nearly 50 Years of Leadership, Gerber’s Sam Simpson Retires

Simpson will serve as consultant to the company

Sam SimpsonTOLLAND, CONN., USA, JULY 12, 2017 – It is rare today that a person spends their entire career servicing one industry. This is something people in the industry recognize of Sam Simpson who announced his plans to retire from Gerber. “When someone spends more than 47 years in an industry, it becomes a part of them,” stated Sam Simpson, vice president of global strategic accounts at Gerber.

Even though Simpson will retire from Gerber, he will continue to serve as a consultant to the company providing insights on customer needs and trends, maintaining and strengthening key partnerships, providing oversight on software compliance, as well as serving as a special advisor to the CEO.

“It has been a privilege to work alongside Sam and learn about the industry,” said Peter Morrissey, senior vice president global sales at Gerber. “Sam’s knowledge of the industry, customers and markets is unparalleled and we thank him for his years of service.”

Sam will continue to hold his position as chairman for the Sewn Products Equipment Suppliers of the Americas (SPESA), a position he was elected to in 2016. SPESA is one of the organizations he has supported throughout his career by representing Gerber on the board since 2000.

Sam’s retirement comes after a long and prosperous career in the sewn products industries. He began his career at G&H Manufacturing Co., a division of Genesco, where he participated on the team that pioneered the first automated grading and marking system, including the development of the first laser cutter for apparel applications. Sam joined Gerber through the acquisition of Hughes Aircraft Company AM-1 system. Throughout his tenure at Gerber, he held various positions including vice president/general manager of the Americas, vice president of global sales, director/general manager of the international division and several technical and marketing roles. Sam was integral in the expansion of Gerber’s international business activities in the European, Asian and Latin America regions.

Lectra and Armani nurture young pattern-making talent

Lectra Armani imageLectra enhances the link between students’ creativity and the fashion business with award-winning competition at Italy’s fashion school Istituto Secoli

Paris, July 11, 2017 – Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, ensures pattern-making students in Italy benefit from cutting-edge technology and nurture key skills thanks to a recent competition organized in co-operation with Armani at Istituto Secoli.

Lectra has developed partnerships with over 850 fashion schools across the world, providing them with solutions and expertise to help the teachers prepare students with the skills they require for the workplace. Working with leading education partners, Lectra organises regular student competitions in association with customers. The latest competition with Istituto Secoli, renowned for its pattern-making savoir-faire, and organized with Armani, is a clear example of industry and education working hand-in-hand to nurture young fashion designers.

Students at Istituto Secoli developed their collections using Lectra’s Modaris® and Diamino® solutions to create their patterns, prototypes and markers. In addition, students from the master’s program in menswear cut their creations with Vector®, Lectra’s state-of-the-art fabric cutting solution.

Thanks to the trusted relationship that Lectra has with its customer G.A. Operations of the Giorgio Armani group, one of the winning students, graduating in menswear, has the opportunity to take up an internship in the collection development department.

"We were very pleased with Lectra's initiative and were delighted to offer educational internships at G.A. Operations. We chose the winning student for his creative skills and for his training on Modaris and Diamino. This gives us the important advantage of bringing somebody with proven technical skills into our team," stated Giorgio Ferremi, industrial director G.A. Operations at Trento.

"The role of Lectra must increasingly be to promote and support dialogue between fashion schools and companies," underlined Fabio Canali, managing director, Lectra Italy. “We are delighted that Armani has accepted to support the fruitful collaboration we have with Secoli, and help their students to develop their professional skills."

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Renowned Fashion Icon Tim Gunn Returns as Guest Speaker for ideation 201

Software Conference is November 1-3 in Los Angeles, California

TOLLAND, CONN., USA – Gerber Technology is proud to announce that Tim Gunn, famed fashion and television personality, will return by popular demand as a guest speaker at ideation 2017. Tim Gunn will engage in a fireside chat with Gerber Technology’s senior vice president and general manager, Software Solutions Group, Karsten Newbury as they explore how attendees should embrace digitization, making it easier for anyone in the world to design, manufacture and sell beautiful garments. Ideation, the premier software conference for the fashion, apparel, accessories and footwear industries, will be held in Los Angeles at the Sheraton Universal.

Tim Gunn is the Emmy-winning co-host and mentor for Lifetime’s Project Runway, where he also serves as one of the show’s producers. In addition to his television prowess, he served as Fashion Dean at Fifth & Pacific, where he was responsible for attracting, retaining and developing the creative talent within the portfolio of brands. Prior to his office at Fifth & Pacific, he was the Chief Creative Officer at Liz Claiborne Inc. Gunn served as a member of the administration and faculty at Parsons School of Design, an institution he shares a rich and deep history with having served there for 29 years where he was Design Chair of the Department of Fashion Design. Gunn is also a New York Times best-selling author penning Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style, Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work, and Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Closet. Tim released his fourth book, Tim Gunn: The Natty Professor: A Master Class on Mentoring, Motivating, and Making It Work! in Spring 2015.

“Tim Gunn’s energy and passion as keynote speaker at ideation 2015 was both inspirational and entertaining. His dedication to design education and technology-led solutions will help attendees gain important knowledge and invaluable insights on how to navigate and thrive in an ever-transforming market,” said Newbury. “Mr. Gunn exemplifies the dynamism, creativity and innovation of fashion and we are honored to welcome him back to ideation.”

For over 15 years, Gerber Technology’s ideation conference has been the premier software event dedicated to fashion and retail professionals who rely on CAD and PLM solutions to get their products to market faster, minimize costs and ensure quality.

To register for ideation 2017, please visit:

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Lectra, ESTIA, the Today Tomorrow Textiles Foundation and JPS Conseil launch the ‘Biarritz Active Lifestyle Integral’ Chair

Dedicated to innovative and sustainable materials for the future,
the Chair will help the textile and apparel industry create disruptions

Paris, July, 5, 2017 – Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, l’École supérieure des technologies industrielles avancées (ESTIA), the Today Tomorrow Textiles Foundation, and JPS Conseil announce the creation of the ‘Biarritz Active Lifestyle Integral’ Chair dedicated to tomorrow’s innovative and sustainable materials.

Over three years, this new Chair aims to help the fashion industry’s eco-system—from textile design to clothing sales—transform challenges coming from new ways of living and consuming into economic opportunities.

“How to find and develop sustainable materials which will open up new markets for companies in the sector? Which technologies to invent to make the most of these new materials? How to organize the factory of the future to meet new consumer expectations, such as customization? It’s an entire economy that we aim to develop around emerging industries,” explains Jean-Pierre Mocho, the founder of JPS Conseil and former President of the French federation for women’s ready-to-wear. “There are many opportunities to seize, on condition that all the players, both old and new, work together.”

To help textile and apparel companies to innovate, the Chair will combine knowledge sharing with open innovation. In particular, a technical training facility will adapt and pass on material-related savoir-faire.

“This Chair will help us to better understand the changes that are necessary in the sector, to anticipate innovations and to circulate knowledge worldwide,” underlines Patxi Elissalde, director, ESTIA. “Based in Biarritz and founded with a long-term vision, this Chair will dive into user behaviors, materials and components, manufacturing technologies and services, the digitalization of processes, and the distribution of products, from clothes to accessories.”

This approach will also foster interactions between different professions in order to stimulate creativity. Inspired by overarching principles in the collaborative and circular economy, the Chair also aims to capitalize on advances in research, from frugal or disruptive innovation.

“The environmental dimension is primordial,” adds Pascal Denizart, managing director of the European Center for Innovative Textiles (CETI) and administrator of the Today Tomorrow Textiles Foundation. “Textiles and materials of the future must anticipate and accompany changes in lifestyles and consumption patterns. Added value from fashion will be tomorrow’s sustainable materials.”

Founders of the Chair favor open innovation initiatives. “The Chair’s philosophy is founded on industrial partnerships across diverse sectors, notably in luxury and lifestyle, as well as partnerships with international academia. The best way to move forward is to always work together!” concludes Daniel Harari, Lectra CEO.

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FlynnO’Hara Uniforms Selects CGS BlueCherry® ERP and EDI to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

New York, NY – June 29, 2017 – CGS, a global provider of business applications, enterprise learning and outsourcing services, today announced that FlynnO’Hara Uniforms, one of the nation’s largest school uniform companies, selected BlueCherry® Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), essential modules within the BlueCherry Enterprise Suite of solutions, providing end-to-end capabilities for apparel and consumer lifestyle brands.

FlynnO’Hara Uniforms sought to update its legacy back-end solution and also improve access to its product data, related trends and inventory levels to improve its supply chain and distribution efficiency. With extensive expertise and resources in the apparel market, the CGS BlueCherry ERP and EDI solutions will support FlynnO’Hara’s growth and improve overall access to real-time supply chain data.

“We chose CGS’s BlueCherry ERP and EDI because it was the best fit for our business,” said Sean Flynn, CEO of FlynnO’Hara Uniforms. “BlueCherry’s ability to handle the customized products that are key to our business and their ability to maintain and track our plain and customized products at all levels, set BlueCherry apart for us. BlueCherry’s built-in features specifically designed for the apparel industry made it an easy choice to support our current needs and future growth.”

“With over 30 years of experience in the apparel market, CGS understands the value of having the right solutions in place to efficiently and effectively run business operations,” said Paul Magel, president, Business Applications and Technology Outsourcing division, CGS. “We are thrilled to welcome FlynnO’Hara to our thriving BlueCherry community of fashion, apparel and footwear customers and look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with the team.”

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The University of Fashion Trains on TUKAcad by the Thousands

NEW YORK, NY – The world’s largest online fashion design video library introduces lessons on TUKAcad at fraction of the cost of traditional schools. The University of Fashion [UofF] partners with Tukatech to provide video training on TUKAcad, Tukatech’s flagship software for pattern making, grading and marker making. The video training is accessible to everyone, and over 50,000 UofF subscribers already have access to it.

The University of Fashion provides online lessons to teach every facet of fashion design and business. Lessons are taught exclusively by college professors and fashion industry professionals. The UofF subscribers have access to the full library of video tutorials through their website,

“The UofF students have perfected their skills and now they want to learn the latest, most innovative design techniques on the most advanced equipment available. That’s why Tukatech is the perfect partner for the UofF. They’re constantly creating innovative new technology, assuring that designers both stay in tune with the times and ahead of their competition,” says Francesca Sterlacci, Founder and CEO, The University of Fashion.

“Education is a fundamental aspect of Tukatech’s philosophy. Partnering with the University of Fashion was an easy decision,” says Ram Sareen, Founder and CEO, Tukatech.

Tukatech has offered TUKAcad on subscription basis for many years. TUKAcad video lessons through the UofF is a perfect complement and will benefit many, from beginning fashion students to experienced, professional fashion designers or seasoned home sewers. Students and subscribers of the UofF can also enjoy a subscription to TUKAcad Learning Edition at $25 per month, like those registered as full-time students at traditional Universities. Startup companies can subscribe to TUKAcad Professional Edition at $200 per month and plot patterns and markers at FedEx Kinkos, as well as TUKAcenters worldwide. TUKAcad subscriptions are available at

Watch the TUKAcad intro video:


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Lectra’s Fashion 4.0 event looks ahead to tomorrow’s digital future

Lactra Fashion EventAs fashion companies grapple with shifts in global economics and consumer behavior, Lectra offers digital solutions that keep the value chain agile

Paris, June 27, 2017 – Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, gathered more than 100 industry professionals from around the world at its state-of-the-art technology center in Bordeaux-Cestas, France, to look at how Industry 4.0 is shaping and transforming the global fashion and apparel business.

The conference brought together brands and manufacturers to discuss the major challenges fashion businesses are facing in today’s digital marketplace, and identify practical steps companies can take to digitalize their value chain. During two days of in-depth presentations and workshops, Pr Céline Abecassis-Moedas and Pr Valérie Moatti, ESCP Europe shed light on innovative new retail models; Liz Doupnik, associate editor, Women’s Wear Daily, shattered myths and set straight misconceptions about the millennial generation; and Fred Lemoine, Vice President, Weave Services, delved into the advantages of a digitalized supply chain. Among the attendees were some of today’s most prominent fashion brands, such as H&M and Shanghai-based Dayang Group, one of the world’s largest suit manufacturers.

Lectra took advantage of the occasion to announce the launch of Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0, proof of its commitment to empowering its customers with the best technology possible as they take their first steps towards Industry 4.0. With the widest functional scope on the market, the modular PLM solution acts as a connected, intelligent nerve center for today’s digital supply chain, from planning through design to production, ensuring a consistent flow of error-free data between processes, technologies and people, and providing companies with the agility to adapt to different business models and jump on trends quickly.

In keeping with this theme, Lectra customers were on hand to share their own experiences with digital transformation. Manuel Castaldo, business analysis and sourcing operations manager for leading Italian fast-fashion retailer OVS, underlined the importance of identifying key collaborators to facilitate the transition to digital: “When you decide to make digital changes in your company, you are not only selecting the right tool, you are selecting the right partner to help you make those changes in your daily – and future – work.” Thanks to Lectra’s PLM solution, Manuel Castaldo explained, OVS has improved the quality of information shared throughout their process, positively impacting product development and quality.

Fred Walck, director, project management for Mexico-based clothing supplier Grupo Kaltex, also outlined their reasons for choosing Lectra: “In the spirit of Industry 4.0, what interests us as a vertical manufacturer is connecting our physical supply chain with our virtual supply chain–our software, ERP, and WRMS. For us, Lectra offers the most comprehensive solution: an end-to-end system designed specifically for fashion and apparel.”

During the event’s keynote speech, Edouard Macquin, Chief Sales Officer, Lectra, explored mega trends that are turning the fashion industry on its head, and demonstrated how Lectra’s vision–and fashion-specific digital solutions–are helping fashion companies adapt to this ‘fourth industrial revolution’.

“Industry 4.0 is not only revolutionizing how manufacturers operate, but also how brands and retailers need to function. Lectra’s goal is to provide its customers with the technology and support they need to thrive and succeed in this new digital marketplace,” concluded Edouard Macquin.

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NYC Alliance Holdings Selects CGS BlueCherry® PLM to Provide Full Visibility into Product Development

New York, NY – June 15, 2017 – CGS, a global provider of business applications, enterprise learning and outsourcing services, today announced that NYC Alliance Holdings, Inc., a multi-platform apparel company, selected BlueCherry® Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), an essential module within the BlueCherry Enterprise Suite of solutions, providing end-to-end capabilities for apparel and consumer lifestyle brands.

NYC Alliance Holdings sought to advance its visibility into product development data and remove manual processes to improve workflow speed and gain insight into product design adoption. The company also wanted a solution that provided triggers and alerts that would enable the team to address production issues. With the CGS team's extensive expertise and resources in the consumer lifestyle products market, the implementation of BlueCherry PLM will help support NYC Alliance Holdings’ growth, bring end-to-end visibility to its product lifecycle and improve its timeline to bring goods to market.

“Having been a BlueCherry ERP customer for five years now, we wanted to add a solution to improve our product lifecycle visibility and remove manual processes,” said Kevin Lowney, supply chain and logistics manager, NYC Alliance Holdings. “We felt that CGS’s BlueCherry PLM would be the perfect fit to enable full integration across our other BlueCherry implementations. We’re excited that BlueCherry PLM will offer better visibility into product development, improving our processes, eliminating silos and enabling us to bring goods to market faster.”

“With over 30 years of experience in the fashion, footwear and consumer product market, CGS understands the value of having the right solutions in place to efficiently and effectively run business operations,” said Paul Magel, president, Business Applications and Technology Outsourcing division, CGS. “NYC Alliance Holdings has been a valued customer for several years. We’re excited that they chose to continue to implement BlueCherry solutions to support their growing operations.”

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DeSales Trading Company Enter Partnership In Distribution Rubber Thread – USA

BURLINGTON, N.C. — June 12, 2017— Rubberflex Sdn. Bhd. of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and DeSales Trading Co. of Burlington, N.S., have begun a partnership for the distribution of 100-percent latex rubber thread in the United States.

“DeSales offers excellent channel for our products to reach the elastic narrow fabric, braided rope and related market segments in the Eastern half of the United States,” said Amy Wong, international sales coordinator at Rubberflex. “Even some of our container load customers use DeSales as a back-up to maintain a consistent inventory.” DeSales carries a wide range of gauges & end counts.

Specialty gauges & end counts will be stocked on request. Customers can source from DeSales in pallet load quantities therefore offering the convenience of prompt deliveries in less than container load orders. Rubberflex first organized in 1986 is currently the world’s largest producer of 100-percent natural latex rubber thread. DeSales Trading, since 1969, has been a distributor of stock-lot yarns and over time has added first quality yarns to their product mix. Michael Murray, vice president at DeSales, said: “The addition of 100-percent Latex Rubber Thread from Rubberflex is a natural progression in our line of products we offer to market segments we already service. The product mix Rubberflex offers: 20 gauge to 110 gauge rubber, silicone & talcum finishes in black & white presents an opportunity for our customers to source their yarns and rubber thread needs from one central location in the heart of the textile business in the United States — Burlington, N.C.”

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The new Lectra Fashion PLM gears fashion companies up for the fourth industrial revolution

Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0Paris, June 7, 2017 – Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using soft materials—fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials—is pleased to announce the launch of Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0, the first-ever product lifecycle management solution designed to help fashion and apparel companies navigate the fourth industrial revolution and thrive in the digital era of fashion.
With digitalization transforming the way consumers shop, today’s fashion companies are playing a never-ending game of catch-up, as they compete for the attention of a generation of connected, fickle-minded millennials who want it all: personalization, sustainability, quality and speed, accessible at all times, across multiple channels, and at the lowest price. Industry 4.0 is not only revolutionizing how manufacturers operate, but also how brands and retailers need to function, if they want to be fast and agile enough to meet the needs of this demanding new consumer. The stakes are high and how effectively companies harness technology to put the consumer at the heart of their process will be the deciding factor in who comes out ahead and who gets left behind.
Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0 has undergone a drastic reboot to give fashion and apparel companies the speed and agility they need to tackle the challenges of Industry 4.0 head on. Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0, with the widest functional scope on the market, acts as an intelligent nerve center to the digital supply chain, from planning through design to production. This ensures a consistent flow of error-free data between processes, technologies and people. The system connects CAD, industry-standard software such as Adobe Illustrator, company IT systems (such as ERP) and external suppliers, so that actors across the supply chain can work on, save and share information on the platform, ensuring data integrity.
The solution also draws on best practices, fashion-business intelligence and real-world scenarios to automate administrative and repetitive tasks, with templates, standard libraries and shortcuts that allows more time for value-added activities. The final result is a fast, connected digital supply chain that helps fashion companies jump on trends quickly and deliver products that fulfill their customer’s expectations.
This new incarnation of Lectra Fashion PLM is designed to work out of the box and can be scaled to accommodate the different needs of small to large businesses, brands, retailers and manufacturers. Companies can start small by implementing the standard offer, then add on as they go, choosing from up to ten different modules, such as design integration, product details, sourcing, sampling and costing.
The solution is available on a monthly subscription or perpetual license basis. Special attention has been paid to make this new product user-friendly, with learning tools that enable fast onboarding. The new Lectra Easy Tool allows IT teams to configure the platform to suit the needs of its users and the new mobile app, Lectra Collection Advanced, provides more ways to share information. The fuss-free implementation process means companies can get the platform up and running quickly with little disruption to business, and quickly start seeing a return on their investment.
The only fashion-dedicated PLM solution on the market that covers the entire value chain, Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0 is Lectra’s first software product release since it announced its 4.0 strategy, which aims to help fashion companies succeed in this brave new digital world. The culmination of Lectra’s 40-plus years of experience in the fashion industry, the platform gives companies a competitive edge by giving them a smart, user-friendly solution that allows them to remain agile and connected, facilitating their transition towards Industry 4.0.
“As our customers take their first steps toward the world of Industry 4.0, we want to be right there beside them to help them succeed. Just like today’s fashion companies, we are evolving to make our offer more customer-centric than ever before. We are extremely proud of this powerful new PLM platform, and are convinced that it will help our customers flourish in this digital age of fashion,” says Céline Choussy Bedouet, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Lectra.

George C. Moore Celebrates 108 Year Anniversary

A&E's 2016-2017 Sustainability Report Demonstrates Industry Transparency, Traceability and Trust

American & Efird SustainabilityMOUNT HOLLY, NC (June 1, 2017) - American & Efird (A&E), one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of industrial and consumer sewing thread, embroidery thread, and technical textiles, announced today it is releasing its 2016-2017 Corporate Sustainability Report. This year's report reflects the three concepts that drive A&E's industry-leading sustainability program: Transparency, Traceability and Trust, while highlighting A&E's accomplishments in the areas of safety, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

A&E's continued improvements, specifically in global water reduction and Zero-Waste-to-Landfill efforts, serve as an example of leadership and good stewardship throughout the textile industry.

"A core part of our business strategy is to operate all of our global facilities in a sustainable manner," said Les Miller, CEO, A&E. "It is not only a good business practice to do so, but it is the right thing to do for all of our stakeholders."

A&E continues to abide by its pledge to create a better world through responsible corporate actions, environmentally protective efforts, and numerous contributions to the communities in which it operates.

Since 2011, A&E has invested over $10 Million USD into state-of-the-art wastewater recycling systems across the world, and these investments have paid off through significant reductions in water use. A&E continues to focus on energy conservation and has increased its use of biofuels and clean fuels, resulting in reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, A&E has grown its number of global operations and support facilities to 16 in achieving Zero-Waste-to- Landfill status.

A&E regularly evaluates all of the global yarn spinning, dyeing and finishing facilities in which the company has ownership to provide the information contained in its annual sustainability report. Categories measured in this report include: Water Stewardship, Solid Waste, Carbon Footprint and Energy Conservation, Product Stewardship, Social Responsibility, Employee Health and Safety, Sustainable Products, and Areas of Improvement.

This year's notable Sustainability Highlights include:

Water Conservation

  • Over 1.1 billion liters of wastewater has been recycled and reused since 2013
  • Nearly 1 million liters of wastewater are recycled and reused each day of operation
  • 41% reduction in global water consumption (liters per kg of thread) since 2006

Solid Waste

  • Zero-Waste-to-Landfill status has grown to 16 global manufacturing operations and support facilities in 2017, with 5 other operations over the 91 percentile mark. A&E's global goal is to achieve this sustainability designation in every manufacturing operation worldwide.

Carbon Footprint and Energy Conservation*

  • 6% reduction of global carbon footprint (CO2e in kg per kg of thread) since 2006
  • 44% of the fuels used to create steam at A&E dyeing operations were renewable and carbon neutral in 2016
  • 10% reduction in global power consumption (kwh per kg of thread) since 2006

In 2016, A&E developed and implemented its Product RSL Environmental Profile (PREP) form in order to collect Restricted Substance List and environmental data on all dyes and chemicals used by our operations. A&E is on track to comply with the chemical restrictions contained in the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Compounds (ZDHC) program by the end of 2018.

For a free copy of the full 2016-2017 Sustainability Report, please visit

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