In this week of AAPN bi-weekly Apparel Intelligence Quotient (AIQ) Quest, host Lynne Sprugel highlights her "picks" for acceleration of AIQ and continued life-long learning. Aside from our own AAPN webinars, we invite you to view some "AIQ picks" highlighting our supply chain links on our quest for apparel intelligence.  Go look, Go learn, Go link! 

The "picks" for this week include: “What can globalEDGE do for you?”--a comprehensive international business research tool, “Lehigh Business Supply Chain Management Risk Index”--take the survey and understand more about supply chain risk, the “US CyberSecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency--what it is and how to protect?” and why business partners in the supply chain should be educated about the CTPAT (Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) cybersecurity requirements, and "Leadership Innovation and Vision in the New Era", looking at a D2C digital native company!

 Week 2 Picks:

 Pick #1:

What can globalEDGE Do For You?

Funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education Title VI B grant, globalEDGE delivers a comprehensive research tool for academics, students and business people. Connect with over 47,000 people using the gE Network while tapping into a directory of over 5000 quality resources. globalEDGE provides tools and resources to efficiently research nearly any international business question you may have.

Created by the International Business Center and the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University (IBC), globalEDGE™ is a knowledge web-portal that connects international business professionals worldwide to a wealth of information, insights, and learning resources on global business activities. Partially funded by a U.S. Department of Education Title VI B grant (CIBE program), globalEDGE™ is your source for global business knowledge. To learn more about the history and content of globalEDGE, please visit our history page.

globalEDGE™ offers a wide range of information and knowledge. Partnership opportunities are available for businesses and other organizations interested in international business.

The contents of this website were developed under a grant from the Department of Education. However, those contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.

Global Edge Brochure


  Pick #2:

 Lehigh Business Supply Chain Management Risk Index-Quarter 3-2020 Report

 The Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh University and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals are teaming up to create a quarterly industry-wide survey and report that will assist supply chain professionals in understanding the different levels of supply chain risk that your organization will face, allowing you to prepare and plan accordingly. 

 The Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index Report for the 3rd Quarter is now available:

 Get the LRMI report here

 We are busy at work on developing the LRMI report for the 4th Quarter and we need your help to answer the survey to better differentiate high SC risks from low SC risks for the upcoming quarter. 

 The LRMI survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. You will be asked to look at 10 supply chain risks and to select whether the risks will increase, remain the same or decrease in the next quarter. The responses and your identity will remain anonymous.

 The LMRI report will be released by the Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh University and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals every quarter.  You can opt to receive a copy of this report directly by providing your email address at the end of the survey.


Pick #3:

US Cyber-Security and Infrastructure Security Agency--what it is and how to protect? and why is this important?  Many importers, factories, service partners--all business partners in a CTPAT validated supply chain must now adhere to cybersecurity requirementsPlease see the links for more information.  CBP, CTPAT Cyber Security Minimum Criteria  CyberSecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

 There are 16 critical infrastructure sectors whose assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual, are considered so vital to the United States that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety, or any combination thereof. Presidential Policy Directive 21 (PPD-21): PPD-21 identifies 16 critical infrastructure sectors.

Chemical Sector

Commercial Facilities Sector

Communications Sector

Critical Manufacturing Sector

Dams Sector

Defense Industrial Base Sector

Emergency Services Sector

Energy Sector

Financial Services Sector

Food and Agriculture Sector

Government Facilities Sector

Healthcare and Public Health Sector

Information Technology Sector

Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste Sector

Transportation Systems Sector

Water and Wastewater Systems Sector



Pick #4:

Inside Fashion Live, A Seat at the Table--Podcast-

A Seat at The Table: Leadership, Innovation & Vision for a New Era

What D2C Brands Do Differently: A New Formula for Success

If you’ve been wondering about those all of those Digital Native,  Direct-to-Consumer brands - you know the ones that are e-commerce rockstars - or - are about to be then this is podcast episode for you.

In this episode, I'm talking with Stanley Szeto, executive chairman of Hong Kong-based Leverstyle, a sourcing company that has worked with many of the most success digital native brands.

He shares his experience, talks about what these 'indie' brands are doing differently, and discusses the outlook for on-demand apparel manufacturing.



Week 1 Picks:

Pick #1:

Our first pick is the outstanding Part 1 and 2 series by Lenzing on “Re-thinking Sourcing from North America”. Links in the supply chain share their experiences on sourcing in the Western Hemisphere, as well as discuss misperceptions, benefits, obstacles, and how to understand the industry that we have here! This is one that you may want to watch several times……popcorn anyone?

Re-thinking Sourcing from North America by Lenzing--Part 1 and Part 2

Part 1:

Host and Panel Companies: Lenzing AAPN Member, Buhler Yarns AAPN Member, Eagle Fabrics, Swisstex AAPN Member, and Amour Vert

Part 2:

Host and Panel: Lenzing AAPN Member, Marine Layer, Buhler Yarns AAPN Member, Laguna Enviro, Lefty Production Company AAPN Member

 Pick #2:

Our second recommendation is the Future Global Supply Chains from University of Toronto, Rotman School of Business. 

The Experts discuss “Implications of COVID-19 for the Future of Global Supply Chains: Some Views from the Ground”, Speaker Series Host: Institute for International Business at Rotman.  In a panel discussion moderated by Rotman Professor Walid Hejazi, Associate Professor of International Business, he chats with Josh Cherin (Vice President – Supply Chain, GMPC LLC-private label apparel manufacturer) and Hugh Downey (Executive Director – Purchasing, Magna International Inc.--global auto parts supplier) to discuss global supply chain and sourcing strategies pre- and post- COVID-19.


Beginning April 2020, Rotman  School of Business also hosted a webinar series for sharing insights for coping with business disruptions from COVID-19. The series was titled, “Managing Uncertainty: Adapting to and learning from the COVID-19 crisis”. Webinar topics include:

• Building Resilience Now: Moving from Coping to Taking Control
• Leading a Remote Workforce: Creating Cohesion During a Crisis
• Reopening the Economy: How Organizations can prepare for a New Normal
• Innovation Readiness: How to Evolve Your Organization for the Challenges of COVID-19 and Beyond
• Navigating Personal Finances during COVID-19: What You Need to Know to Take Control
• Pandemic Protectionism: The Global Trade Impact of COVID-19
• Distribution Disruption: How to Build a Better Supply Chain After COVID-19
• How to get Hired During COVID-19: Navigating the Virtual Job Hunt
• Build Back Better After COVID-19: Why Corporations Need a Radical Design
• The Future of Cities: Urban Life & Work Beyond COVID-19
• Reopening Responsibly: The Merging of the Management and Public Health

Click on this link:   Then choose one of the above webinars.

Pick #3:

USMCA (US, Mexico, and Canada Agreement) Launches Amid Pandemic, July 7, 2020 From Stratfor

Our third pick is a discussion on the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement! In this episode of the Stratfor Essential Geopolitics podcast from RANE, Emily Donahue speaks with Stratfor Latin America Analyst Cesar Martinez. The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement launched in July 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While the pandemic has interrupted supply chains, Martinez says USMCA provides for more nimble responses to disruptors.

Click on this link:  This is a podcast.  It will appear within 15 seconds.

Pick #4:

  • Title: Shifting Tides: Comparing the Economic Future of China, Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong
  • Date: July 3rd, 2020
  • By: Dezin Shura and Associates

To keep informed on sourcing worldwide, our fourth pick is "Shifting Tides". The Trade War, COVID-19, and their economic consequences have startled the world. However, Asia is picking things back up quickly. Whether it is China’s head start in economic recovery or how Vietnam curtailed the spread of the pandemic - countries in southeast Asia have been ahead of the curve and are still expecting economic growth while much of the rest of the world is expecting an economic decline in 2020.

On 3 July, senior associate of Dezin Shura and Associates, international business advisory team, Marco Förster, hosted a webinar comparing the economic future of China, Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong, to help foreign investors understand the nuances of each market and choose the best place to relocate and invest in response to the Trade War and COVID-19.

 Marco covered the following topics in his presentation:

Section 1: The Overview and Comparison of China–Hong Kong–Singapore–Vietnam (Country, COVID-19 response, and macroeconomic outlook)

Section 2: Which country may be the next manufacturing hub: China or Vietnam?

Section 3: Who is expected to be the next financial center: Hong Kong or Singapore?

Section 4: Hong Kong or Singapore as a stepping stone to China/ASEAN?

Click on this link:  Webinar starts at the 4:53 mark.  Fast forward to that point.

Hope that you have enjoyed these "AIQ Picks" and that it has promoted your AIQ!  We'll see you again in two weeks!


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